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by Shane - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 241 Share This!

OK, we're new and we'd like as many people as possible to join and we have a links section if you wish to advertise, a gallery and an enjoyable forum. Come and join today for a great time. We are also accepting suggestions and you will be rewarded for used suggestions and you may also apply for our staff if you think you have what it takes. I, the owner of www.newmile.net wish for you to enjoy this great, free general discussion forum.

I recently opened this forum about 3 weeks ago and I decided to purchase a domain because I've had many other forums and those long domains really freaked me out. This time I've gone that one step further to please my members with a domain. Once I get more members I'll buy hosting rather than use a free host but until then I'll try to make you happy with what host we have. Try to get the most time online for rewards also and you might even want a calendar event added.

We currently have 100+ posts by 10 members but with the help of you we can make it more like 10,000+ posts by 1000 members. Once we achieve that, I'll be satisfied. The private messaging system is very neat and shows all your messages on one page and we have a reputation system know as karma. The more, the better so come and get busy at www.newmile.net today!


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