Secrets To Selling More Self Published Books Cheaply

by Helen Hecker - Date: 2007-03-23 - Word Count: 712 Share This!

These tips will provide you with easy, free, and cheap book marketing, promotion and publicity tips to get you going in the right direction if you're having trouble keeping up financially or otherwise. You can have the best book in the world, but if no one knows about it, no one will buy it; publicity, promotion, marketing and a focus on selling more books should now be a big part of your daily life.

Assuming you're a self publisher or book publisher and you've already published your book, you need to immediately implement a strong, no-holds barred, book marketing and promotion strategy to sell your books fast and in the cheapest way possible.

Make sure you have at least one good press release, written in AP style that you can send out for the lifetime of your book. Mail a press release to all the trade journals in your book topic field over and over again; you can use the same release every time. Using press releases for marketing or promoting your book or book's website has become increasingly popular as publishers discover the powerful benefits of using press releases.

When picked up by wire services, a press release can easily end up generating hundreds of mentions for your book. Make sure your press release spells out the 'who, what, where, when, and why.' Your book press release should not be written as you would a sales letter or flier, it should be written for the editor and tell about your book in a factual way, no opinion or glowing remarks.

Using press releases can be a very effective marketing tool if used properly. Learning to write and use powerful optimized press releases can often drive tons of traffic to your website while providing multiple back links that can lead to increased page rank and numerous top ten search engine rankings for your targeted keywords.

Contact non-bookstore booksellers and offer to leave books on consignment. Print and online publications provide longevity to your marketing campaign in terms of having something tangible for people to reference ongoing. Get as many testimonials about your book, as possible, from experts in the field relating to your title, not customers or friends; use them on your fliers and the back cover of your books.

Become your own publicist and send a press release along with a review copy of your book to publications in your book's genre and to book review magazines. Give away your book in a raffle at a local function to get more book recognition. Women buy more books then men; see how you can fit your book into the women's market.

Submit articles to online article directories that focus on the topic of your book to drive customers to your website. Make sure your sales letter or flier is first class; this is your formal presentation of your title to the prospective buyer. Make sure not to overlook the Internet; get yourself interviewed or profiled for sites both about writing, publishing and about the topics covered in your book.

I've not found that book signings sell many books for publishers and are often a waste of time; it's better to spend it elsewhere. Make sure to promote and market your book each and every day, both online and offline. Every day it's important to focus on a variety of marketing approaches.

Remember to make sure your book is listed in Books-in-Print; don't assume it's already listed. Also it's important to publish a website that focuses on your title; you'll be able to refer editors and customers and all interested parties to your book information with the click of a mouse.

If your book solves a problem, focus on this in your marketing. Local radio shows and television appearances are good but are often forgotten within hours of the broadcast; make sure to make or get a copy of any television broadcast for future promotions.

I hope you've found some helpful tips here to accelerate your book marketing and book promotion efforts. You can market and promote your book on a shoestring budget; you want to be careful about your marketing dollars. Don't delay another day if your marketing has fallen by the wayside; make sure to focus on promoting, selling and marketing your book each and every day.

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