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by Anne Harvester - Date: 2008-06-02 - Word Count: 442 Share This!

Choosing Safe Cosmetic and Beauty Products For Both You And The Planet

There are often unwanted ingredients within your commonly purchased cosmetic and beauty products. However, there are a plethora of safe cosmetics with which you do not have to sacrifice quality. If anything, it most often is the opposite. Safe personal care products many times work better than their chemical laced counterparts. Neither beauty nor cleanliness need be sacrificed in pursuit of safe products.

There are many natural components to cosmetic and beauty products which accomplish additional tasks up and above the stated purpose. For example, mineral makeup uses zinc oxide in its natural state to impart a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25 in addition to providing a long lasting and beautiful look. Protection from UV rays produces obvious safety benefits. Personal care products do not have to be artificial in order to work their best.

Safe personal care products leave out many potential irritants and potential allergens. Most deodorants contain aluminum chlorhydrate. Natural deodorants utilize loose minerals instead providing greater protection without exposing the user to harsh chemicals. This does not mean they do not work. Once switching, many claim far longer and more dependable protection coming from organically based deodorants.

Commonly found personal care products like shampoo contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Many suffer allergic reactions to this compound. Safe personal care products are characterized by shampoos and conditioners which rely solely on organic cleaning agents. The effectiveness of organic products often supersedes that of chemically based products. Organic shampoo may not lather, but it has been shown to be far more effective at producing the cleanest hair possible.

Women's personal care products include both safe cosmetics as well as organic personal care products. Organic cosmetics contain no salicylates, dyes, or talc. Safe cosmetics are also non-comedogenic meaning they will not clog your pores. This provides obvious advantages versus other popular makeup lines. Cosmetic and beauty products can provide for both your health and beauty. One just has to be cognizant to carefully read the labels.

Information is a major factor which makes buying cosmetics online the smart avenue. Any suspect ingredient you may see on the list can be immediately researched. The convenience of being able to shop from your own home is also obvious, not to mention saving money on gasoline needed to run all about town searching down safe cosmetics.

Unnecessary driving has well known impacts upon the environment. Lesser realized are the effects that many cosmetic and beauty products have on the world around us. All of the harsh chemicals resident in many products end up in our streams and wetlands after our use. Safe cosmetics protect both you and Mother Earth.

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