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by Heather Maloney - Date: 2007-04-23 - Word Count: 427 Share This!

That some people think visually, in images, has become an often discussed way of helping others understand that not all people conceptualise and grasp new ideas in the same way.

As the amount of available information increases, people are looking for ways to consume that information more quickly, such as:

speed reading classes internet news readers that deliver news to the desktop on specific topics / or from particular sources as it hits internet services that send an email whenever a specified topic appears in a publication on the internet visually presented information that combines imagery with audio to more quickly explain a concept to the viewer than could be achieved by just printed material

We are living in an age when books and newspapers are diminishing in popularity whilst the prevalence of television, movies, documentaries and other visual media are increasing.

Is your business communicating visually? Here is a list of ways that you can use visual ways to communicate, rather than requiring people to read your message:

provide tutorials and manuals as video & audio recordings rather than documents ? we are working on exactly that to accompany the tutorials on our eNudge website allow people to see your business and products real time using a webcam Eg. Cheddar Vision. This novel example allows consumers to watch the process of a block of cheese maturing over a 3 month period. Sound boring? The existence of this webcam has gained a lot of attention in the past few months, so must have helped to draw consumer's attention to the product and make a clear statement about the care and attention that goes into the creation of their cheese add an auto-playing presentation to show the steps through a process eg. at Clever Candles you can see how easy it is to make your own candles publish your TV commercials in mpeg format on your website e.g. Masterfoods TVCs and on websites of popular video sites such as You Tube and Yahoo Video to provide entertainment and information simultaneously include streaming video inside your emails to get the attention of the recipient explain concepts on your website, showcase your product range, and add visual interest to your website visitors using Flash e.g. Lulu Australia

The above are just a few ideas that visual techniques are being employed to better reach audiences. Give this some thought? you might be able to find a way that you can cheaply include video or other visually dynamic methods to get the attention of your target audience, and more effectively communicate.

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