Home Security-The Latest Home Invasion Scam

by Jack Krohn - Date: 2007-08-17 - Word Count: 374 Share This!

Nearly 60,000 American homes are robbed each year. As hard as it is to believe, in some cases, homeowners actually welcome in criminals. In state after state, fake utility workers are robbing homes.

"Good Morning America" safety contributor Bob Stuber recently shared tips on staying safe at home and warding off criminals.

The bad guys out there often pose as the good guys: electricians, plumbers, utility company workers, even policemen to gain access to your home. Two weeks ago in Albuquerque several thousands of dollars of police uniforms were stolen out of a local warehouse.

They use fake ID's and look the part with a uniform and tool box
"Look for the things that are the hardest to duplicate. A utility worker, a delivery person, a policeman, should all have an official vehicle," Stuber said. "If a worker from the gas company comes around, his truck should have the company's name. That's the kind of thing most would-be crooks can't duplicate. If you don't see a vehicle, don't let him in."

If someone wants to gain entry to your house be suspicious and if you have any doubts don't let them in. Call their company while they wait outside -with YOUR DOOR LOCKED

"Judge a book by its cover. Most companies will not allow their employees to represent them unless they're dressed properly and look professional," Stuber said. "If someone shows up unshaven, with street clothes, don't let them in until you check them out. If they are wearing a uniform, check to see if it has a clearly readable emblem."

If the person is legit he will still be there when you go back. If not he will be gone and you'll be safe another day.

Remember this: property crime occurs every 3 seconds, a home burglary every 15 seconds. Don't let this scam make yours next.

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