Imperiali Organization Invited to Participate in Building Major Infrastructure Projects

by Dan Mangru - Date: 2007-02-13 - Word Count: 153 Share This!

Orden Bonaria is an internationally recognized humanitarian organization that is officially recognized by the United Nations and many other countries around the world.
The Imperiali Organization has over 30 years of experience in developing major infrastructure, telecommunications, and real estate projects including the building of bridges, manufacturing facilities, theme parks, communications infrastructure, and other major development projects.
The Orden Bonaria dates back as early as the 13th Century and is one of the world's longest running global humanitarian organizations.
About Imperiali Inc. (
Imperiali Inc. ( is a global business development company, founded by Daniel Imperato. Imperiali Inc. focuses on companies that wish to expand to international markets and grow their distribution, manufacturing, logistics, and sales of products and services around the world. Imperiali Inc. also looks to work with companies in order to increase shareholder value and stock volume through increased corporate growth.
For Media Inquiries:
Imperiali Organization
Phone : 561.805.9494

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