Metal Shelving

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Metal shelving is great for keeping your things together and allowing you to go straight to what you are looking for. Metal shelving can be used in industry and at home, often in garages. There are a few different types of metal shelving including blotless racking, heavy duty rivet racking, open shelving, clad shelving and archive storage shelving. Metal shelving is defiantly stronger than plastic shelving and will last a lot longer but if you need to store lots of weight then consider looking at heavy duty shelving which can take up to 650kg. Most shelving is delivered flat packed so it is easy to move piece by piece to the place you want it and then build it there, however make sure someone is in when you order it as the delivery driver will normally need a signature and will not be able to leave it at a empty house. Metal shelving is also heavily used in industry as several are normally needed for the purchasing department or warehouse. Big savings can be made when ordering large amounts of metal shelving in one go as it is more economical to do one delivery than several.


Colour coordinating shelving can also help you find what your after quick and easy. You could have blue shelving for items that have passed the goods inwards inspection process and red shelving for items that have failed the goods inwards inspection process be it for being faulty, being ordered wrong or being cosmetically damaged. This gives a extra layer of quality protection that sub standard parts will not end up being incorporated into your final product.

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