Why Is Premarital Sex A Tramp?

by Delta Fi - Date: 2008-10-04 - Word Count: 258 Share This!

Sooner or later, before or after marriage, you might have to confess these experiences to your definite partner or spouse (your most important and trustworthy relationship).

If you hide the truth, then you can be sure that your partner will wonder or might worry about your sexual past.

If you tell the truth, there is a possibility that your partner might suffer from retrospective jealousy (jealousy of past ex sexual or romantic experiences).

If premarital sex is practiced, realize that there are two choices: to tell or to hide the truth. But you can be sure that both will have a negative impact in your permanent life long relationship.

Keep in mind that these are the experiences that will always be of curiosity to your future or present life partner.

Many that ask what is wrong with sex before marriage usually come with the excuses of "no body waits for marriage anymore","no body is perfect" or "you're missing out"; but the fact is that the only people who are missing out of a pure, permanent and clean relationship (with no stains form others), are the ones who practice premarital sex.

Sexual abstinence is a practice that anybody can achieve. Not to mention that sex is not a vital necessity in life. Proof of this is that if you don't have sex, you will not get sick or die.

Sex was made for marriage (a permanent and life long relationship), and not to be practice within courtship (a temporary relationship that can possibly turn into marriage). Marriage has a guarantee. Courtship does not have a guarantee.

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