How To Lose Weight Successfully For Girls

by Chris Chew - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

Girls, you all know that if you want to lose weight, all you need to do is just to consume fewer calories than those that our body uses for our daily activities. This can be successfully achieved with most calorie deficit diets.

You also know that in order to speed up the weight loss process, you need to include more activities such as having an exercise program to speed up the calorie burning process and for health reasons as well.

If that is the case, then why is it that there are still so many women who are overweight since losing weight is just a matter of eating less and working out more? Girls, the answer is that most women don't train with weight resistant exercises. You are afraid to get big bulky muscles, right?

I want to make this clear. It is already very difficult for guys to get bodybuilder's type of muscles as the boys have to be genetically inclined to do so, have to have years of professional training and have the right nutrition in their daily diet.

Since men have much more testosterones (muscle building hormone) than women, then it goes to say that girls will not be able to develop bulky muscles just because they lift weights. The female bodybuilders that you see are all trained under special conditions, with professional supervisions and they consume many supplements including testosterone boosters to get where they are.

So ladies, do not be afraid to hit the weights if you want to burn off your excessive body fat to get a well toned sexy body. There are a few reasons as to why women should train with weights to lose weight or rather, lose body fat.

a) Boost Metabolism - Weight training raises your metabolic rate and thus you will burn fat more effectively.

b) Tone Body - To improve your muscle tone so as to make your body to look more attractive. If you just lose weight through diets and cardio exercises, you may look scrawny with loose skin to contend with. That is not very sexy isn't it?

c) Sleep Better - It is proven that people who sleep more have less propensity to gain weight. Furthermore when you have enough sleep, your body is able to produce more human growth hormones which can improve your general health and even make you look younger.

d) Strengthen Bones - Weight resistance exercises strengthen your bones and improve your immune system and thus helps to keep bone degeneration diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis at bay.

e) Make You Stronger - Your daily chores will become easier because you are stronger.

f) Lose Weight Faster - This is because many of the calories that you eat will be channeled to repairing your muscles after working out with weights and thus you will have fewer calories to store as fat.

So girls, if you want to lose weight successfully, be slimmer and have a sexy and healthy body, then incorporate weight resistance training into your weight loss exercise program so as to be far ahead of other women who refuse to train with weights.

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