Dish Network Offers A Variety Of Programming Packages

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Dish Network offers a variety of programming packages for everyone's wants, needs, and budgets. Even the entry level package- America's Top 60 Entertainment Package- comes with sixty channels including favorites like ESPN, the Beauty & Fashion Channel, USA Network, the Sci-Fi Channel, Comedy Central, Headline News, and The Learning Channel. If you happen to be a hard core sports fan, you can sign up for Dish Network's Top 60 Plus which has all of the great programming of America's Top 60 Entertainment Package with the addition of regional sports networks. Dish Network's America's Top 120 Entertainment Package has 120 of your favorite channels like the Independent Film Channel, MSNBC, WGN, tech TV, Univision, Fuse, BBC America, American Movie Classics, and the Speed Channel. America's Top 180 Entertainment Package has an additional 60 channels including VH1 Classic, the FOX Movie Channel, Nicktoons, CNBC World, Discovery Times, seven Encore Movie Channels, Great American Country, and National Geographic.

If you love movies, America's Everything Pak from Dish Network may be the right entertainment package for you. America's Everything Pak has everything from America's Top 180 Entertainment Package with the addition of four movie packages from HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime. The Cinemax package includes MoreMAX, Cinemax east and west, 5 Star Max, and Action Max. The HBO package has HBO east and west, HBO 2 east and west, HBO Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and HBO Signature. The Starz Super Pak Has Encore, Starz east and west, Starz Cinema east and west, Starz Family, and Starz Theater. Showtime Unlimited consists of Showtime east and west, Showtime Beyond, The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel Extra, FLIX, Show Too, the Sundance Channel, Showtime Showcase, and Showtime Extreme.

If you happen to live in a bilingual household, Dish Network can fix you up with one of it's Latino packages which have a combination of channels in Spanish and English. If you need programming in another language, Dish Network can bring you channels in Japanese, Italian, Korean, German, French, Chinese, and Russian to name just a few.

With this many channels from Dish Network you might be concerned that you'll have the opposite problem from the days when there were too few. Fortunately Dish Network provides software with each of it's satellite receivers that will help you manage all of the great choices available to you. This software is called the Electronic Program Guide and it tells you what's playing on each channel, and lets you jump around among the channels. It also lets you block access to certain kinds of programming according to time, channel, individual show, and MPAA rating, so you don't have to worry about what your kids are watching when you can't be there with them.

If you have invested in an HDTV (High Definition Television, no other serviced provider has more HD programming than Dishnetwork. Comcast, Adelphia, Time Warner, Cox, CableVision, Time Warner and the other Cable TV companies are all attempting to get there HD programming up to speed while Dish Network is doing a fantastic job.

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