Take Your Patio Furniture to the Next Level

by James T. Allen - Date: 2007-03-31 - Word Count: 376 Share This!

A backyard truly worthy of entertaining is a rare but wonderful thing. Anyone can plop a keg down in the middle of their yard, surround it with some plastic stacking chairs (watch out for the one with the weak leg), and throw some hotdogs on the grill. But is this really what we want our summer parties and barbeques to consist of? Aren't we ready to class up these get-togethers and leave the kegger mentality where it belongs, back in college.

If the previous paragraph came close to describing your average weekend party, and you're ready to leave that all behind and look into some new patio furniture and accessories, we are here for you. But you've got to want it; we can only take you so far. What we're going to do here is give you some tips and suggestions, but we can't hold your hand, only you can help you.

For those only ready to take baby steps in their pursuit of better backyard bashes, we understand, we can help. There are plenty of options out there for you, brave soul. We'll start with some all-weather, virtually indestructible Poly-Wood. This unbelievable stuff requires no maintenance and will surely impress your earth-conscious friends when you tell them it's made from 100% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled plastics. If you don't have any earth-conscious friends then Poly-Wood is a great way to make some.

Even though there's no beating Poly-Wood for maintenance-free, long lasting patio furniture, there's also no beating the classic look of wood patio furniture. From the soft, pale tones of white cedar and pine to the richness of redwood and cherry, a couple Adirondack chairs around a low patio table is a great way to add some rustic sophistication to your backyard or patio.

If you're looking to go directly from A-ball to the Major Leagues, however, only one option exists, my friend. A teak patio set is the absolute no-miss, sure-fire way to take your summer parties and barbeques to the next level. Teak is the Cadillac of outdoor furniture with its superior weather resistant qualities and it requires little to no care. This Indonesian hardwood ages to a distinguished silvery-gray (just like Clint Eastwood) and will provide a classy, sophisticated setting for years of backyard revelry.

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