Detoxification Part VI - How to Detoxify Your Body With Herbs

by Kyle J. Norton - Date: 2008-11-04 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

As we mentioned in previous articles we know that the American diet contains high saturated fat, trans fat, and other harmful substances such as sugar, caffeine, pesticides, additive substances, and less in fruits and vegetables. These types of harmful substances is toxic. Our body's detoxifying functions try to get rid of them everyday, when they fail it causes a disruption of hormone production, damaging our body's detoxification organs and weakens our immune system resulting in hormone imbalance and many chronic illness consequently. In this article, we will discuss how to detoxify your body with herbs.

1. Garlic extract
Garlic extract is a widely used medication in the world. It has many times been proven record in preventing and treating heart disease, increasing circulation of blood flow, protecting our kidney and liver from being damage by the forming of free radicals in the organs. It also helps to strengthen our system's fighting against the degeneration of our body.

2. Gotu Kola
Gotu Kola is also known as cetenlla asiatica. It is said to have a strong effect in treating nervous system disorder caused by inflammation, and improving alertness and memory. It's antioxidant property also helps to rejuvenate our body against the forming of free radicals and early aging.

3. Astragalus
Astragalus contains antioxidants that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening our body in fighting against diseases and protecting cells from free radicals. it also has anti-virus and anti-bacteria properties, and restores our body's energy.

4. Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is said to contain all the essential components of life. It helps not only to correct the deficient or unbalanced nutrition but also improves our immune system as well as rejuvenate and restore our body.

5. Dock
Dock contains vitamin C and vitamin A. Besides promoting a strong immune system and dissolving heavy metal that accumulated in our body, it also helps to prevent muscular degeneration.

6. Reishi Mushroom
Reishi Mushroom contains ganoderic acids that helps to strengthen our immune system's fight against inflammation. It also helps to keep our liver in top form as well as improve the circulation of blood and increase the oxygen level in the bloodstream.

7. Yerta mate
Yerta mate has a stimulant that helps to increase the production of coritisone, the substance that helps to stimulate the function of nervous system and mind. Yerta mate also helps to strengthen our immune system's fight against allergies and forming of free radicals.

I hope this information will help to rejuvenate your health and detoxify your body. If you need more information, please follow my article series of the above subject at my home page at:

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