Be Safe with Toyota Parking Brake Cables

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One of the safety components that you can find in your Toyota is the parking brakes. Also called a hand brake or an emergency brake, the parking brake is an automobile emergency brake that supplements your car's primary brake system in case it encounters a failure. Parking brakes are operated by hand using a lever, which is commonly located on the floor between the driver seat and the front passenger seat. However there are also cars that have parking brakes that look like a handle bar on the lower portion of the dashboard somewhere near the column of the steering wheel. Parking brakes can also foot-operated by a form of a pedal in the foot well in front of the driver seat but is far left apart from the other pedals.

Parking brakes are often used to keep the car motionless when it is parked, hence its name. Parking brakes often have a ratchet locking mechanism that keeps the parking brake engaged until a release button is pressed. On some cars with automatic transmissions, this is typically used along with a parking pawl in the transmission. Car safety experts often advise the use of both systems to secure a parked car, and the use of those two systems is often required by law in some areas. However, most drivers only use the "Park" position in the automatic transmission of their cars and not the parking brake. In addition, it is also recommended automobiles with manual transmission are to be left in their lowest gear, which is usually first or reverse, when parked. This is especially important if the car is parked in an inclined area. But is should also be pointed out that increased rolling resistance can lead to more harm to the stationary vehicle if it is struck by a moving vehicle. The reason for this is that the vehicle that is firmly anchored will disperse the crash energy more by absorbing it into the body of the car.

Other factors that should be considered in the parking brake of your Toyota are the Toyota Parking Brake Cables. Toyota Parking Brake Cables are a key component in your vehicle because it connects the parking brake handle to the brake itself. The parking brake cable runs along between the handle in the car's cockpit and the wheels in the rear. Every time the parking brake is pushed, or in some cars, raised, a steel parking brake cable pulls a tension lever tightly. When the cable is pulled, other cables draw the brake shoe in the wheels firmly against the brake drums. And when the release knob is loosened, it disengages the brake shoes and adjusts the parking brake. But since cars, especially those with automatic transmissions generally use the parking brake only when they park, the parking brake cables tend to corrode. Also, the crimped ends of the Toyota Parking Brake Cable has the potential to slip off, and the rubber cable that runs between your car and the rear brakes tears or splits. And this is why you should always check your Toyota Parking Brake Cable for signs of wear and corrosion, which may cause intermittent performance in your parking brake, and replaced if necessary.

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