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Kid Rock and Tommy Lee have a Pam Slam

Top celebrity gossip blog TMZ reports that Kid Rock is now facing charges for misdemeanour battery after he slapped Tommy Lee at yesterday’s MTV Video Music Awards. According to TMZ, “Details as to what started the fight are still sketchy, but an eyewitness at the awards tells TMZ that Tommy got it pretty bad.” Both Kid Rock and Tommy Lee were escorted out by security staff with only Kid Rock being able to return for the duration of the awards show. Both of them have been married to Pamela Anderson, and in some cases, more than once.

TMZ quotes hip-hop producer Rich Nice, who was seated two tables away during the scuffle, as saying the fight was of Tommy Lee’s making. According to Nice “it looked like Tommy Lee initiated it because Kid Rock was ignoring him… And Tommy Lee kind of antagonized him…When Tommy stands up is when Kid hit him the first time with a backhand.”

Police arrived on the scene shortly after and took statements from a number of witnesses including Rich Nice, MTV VJ Sway, and Puff Daddy who was sitting right next to Tommy Lee when the incident happened. The fight was in full view of guests and was caught on tape by a Reuters photographer. There were several comments made during the awards show itself that mocked Lee and Kid’s slapfest. While presenting an award later in the evening, Jamie Foxx told the crowd “Stop all of this white-on-white crime. Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fighting like black folks – it's hilarious.”

Even Puff Daddy himself commented on the fight while he was onstage. He said ``I was supposed to be doing this with Kid Rock, but you know, we got to stop the violence," he joked. "It's not just hip-hop artists that fight.``

Britney`s ``big`` comeback

An overweight Britney Spears took the stage last night during the opening act of the MTV Video Music Awards and gave one of the award shows all-time most embarrassing performances. Celebrific,a celebrity gossip blog, described Britney`s performance of her new single ``Gimme More`` as ``it wasn't so much of a comeback as a don't come back.`` In fact, Britney even appeared to stop lip syncing at more than one point and one of her press-on nails fell off during the performance.

Celebrific`s post was thoroughly unimpressed with Spears performance and so was… well… basically everybody. In fact, even several days before the award show, rapper Kanye West openly asked the media why Britney had been tapped to open the show. During the performance itself, the camera cut to various members of the audience including 50 Cent, seated in the front row, looking like he was waiting for somebody to shoot him. Again.

Shortly after the performance, comedienne Sarah Silverman absolutely cut Britney to pieces and took some shots at Britney`s kids, declaring them to be ``the most adorable mistakes in the world.`` Britney was reported to be in tears after the performance.

So was half the audience… But for very different reasons.

High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens apologizes to fans over nude photos

One of the stars of Disney`s smash success High School Musical definitely has some `splaining to do. Late last week nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens hit the internet and made the rounds of all the top celebrity gossip blogs. In the provocative images, Hudgens is clad in either lingerie or completely naked and appears to be in a bedroom somewhere with an awful lot of candles.

Socialite Life, a widely-read celebrity gossip blog, offered some details on who the images were for. Apparently, she took the pictures for Nickelodeon`s Drake Bell and used them to help get a part on his show. The post also stated that Hudgens, ``has single-handedly reversed the Brazilian trend so prevalent today among America's female population.``

They noted that Disney currently has no plans to fire Hudgens and they have released a statement saying that they ``hope she has learned her lesson.`` According to the post, ``Vanessa and Disney have issued apologies for her groupie game, and everyone's wringing their hands over the implications of a 'dirty' girl starring in Disney's most wholesome effort yet.``

There has been no word on Zac Efron`s thoughts on the situation. Efron, the male lead of High School Musical, is currently dating Hudgens. Socialite Life closed the post by declaring ``my only concern is that Zac Efron didn't take these pics so we don't know if he's actually straight or not yet. And I want to know!``

Paris Hilton announces that Christina Aguilera is pregnant… Before Christina does

During an after-party for the MTV Video Music Awards, Paris Hilton accidentally told a crowded Las Vegas club that Christina Aguilera is pregnant. Apparently, Hilton hushed the crowd and drew everybody`s attention to Aguilera before saying ``congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, you're gorgeous!``

The Superficial, a top celebrity gossip blog, offered details on Paris` latest ridiculous outburst. The post commented that ``while Christina has been seen with a noticeable bump, she has not yet publicly confirmed the pregnancy. In a particularly vicious dig at Paris, the Superficial also stated ``Paris then went on to announce other obvious facts including the sky is blue, the grass is green and she has herpes.``

In recent photos Aguilera certainly looks pregnant. Leave it to Paris Hilton to state the obvious and piss people off at the same time.

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