Home Automation and The Latch Key Child

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Unfortunately, in the today's society...it often takes more than one income to put bread on the table. As a result more an more families have both the mother and the father out in the trenches eking a living to support the family.

Well then, where does that leave our kids?
Unfortunately-just like the movie says... "Home Alone".

It seems like only yesterday, when a family could get by comfortably on a single income.

But what about in today's job market

Between the cost of inflation, the exploding rise of housing costs and Americas endless struggle to "keep up with the Jones", its no wonder that the number of latchkey kids is growing. When you add in the growing trend of single parent families into the mix and its no wonder that many of our children are home alone for many hours until a parent gets home from work.

In the past worried parents would call their kids at home to see what they were up to. With the modern technology that is available today, parents may give their children their own personal cell phone. Unfortunately though, a mobile phone, while it will allow you to stay in contact with your kids...doesn't exactly tell you WHERE your children are. This often tempts preteens and teens to go where they shouldn't with people they shouldn't because they can always concoct a story to tell their folks about where they have been and what they were doing.

What if there was a way to tell when your children arrived home from school...and when they decided to leave the house without your knowledge or permission for that matter.

Did you know that home automation technology today will allow you to monitor your children while you are still sitting at your desk?

Imagine for a moment receiving an email from your home automation system alerting you when your children enter the house after school lets out. Imagine then being able to know the moment an unauthorized door or window opens in your home.

Can you see the possibilities here?

Lets take an example. Young Billy gets home a t 3:00 every day. But today he gets home at 4:15 PM because of detention for cutting up in class. Normally you would never know a thing was wrong. But know you know the minute he gets home from email you receive at your work computer. In the past Billy could have told a whopper of a story to his parents...after all, there was no way to tell what time he really got home. Billy's story telling days are over, when you have a home automation system that is tied into your burglar alarm system. Parents can now ask with confidence, "Where have you been & why were you late!"

The same goes for Kids on restrictions that are not allowed to go outside to play after school. An Internet email will alert mom or dad the minute a door or window is opened with a youngster trying to sneak out...or trying to sneak a friend in for that matter.

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