Gourmet Olive Oils From Napa Valley, California

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We were lucky to find some of the best gourmet olive oils right here in sunny California. Located in the prime grape growing area of Rutherford in Napa Valley, Round Pond produces more than elegant and opulent wines. The Round Pond produces four superb gourmet olive oils that are considered a treasure in our house.

The first variety of gourmet olive oil is an Italian olive oil that has a beautiful balance of spice, rich butter, green tomatoes, cut grass, black pepper, and fresh thyme. This olive oil is perfect for dipping breads and makes a delicious salad dressing.

The second gourmet olive oil is a Spanish variety that is grown from special hand selected and imported olive tress that lead to this olive oil's heady aroma. The Spanish olive oil is an excellent cooking olive oil for those very special occasions.

The third olive oil offered by Round Pond is the Blood Orange gourmet olive oil. Using the finest ripe blood oranges, the orange rinds are pressed with a hand selection of the estates finest olives. This olive oil is perfect for various sauces, marinades, and works very well with all types of foods.

Finally, the Meyer Lemon gourmet olive oil is one of the best olive oils for summer meals. Using a Meyer Lemon, which is thought to be a cross between a mandarin orange and a typical lemon, this olive oil has a very citrus aroma and taste, with very smooth overtones of oranges. The Meyer Lemon gourmet olive oil stands as on of the best from the Round Pound estate.

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