Knowing What Scars You Have

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Scarring generally signifies the end of the healing process. However, the scar will serve as a constant reminder of the previous injury and if the scar is in a visible place, it can create feelings of self consciousness and a general dissatisfaction with one's appearance. There are treatments available today to help diminish the appearance of a scar. To determine which treatment is best, it is important to know how to identify the different types of scarring that can take place.

Scars can be broken down into three categories, and the category will determine the scar therapy that will be most effective. The first type is an atrophic scar, which is a depressed area of the skin that looks resembles a small valley. This scarring is commonly seen at the end of the acne years or after a bout of chicken pox. The best choice in scar therapy for atrophic scars is often traditional cosmetic surgery.

The second type of scar is a hypertrophic scar, which is characterized by a raised area that may eventually go down in time. Keloid scars also appear raised, but these bumps are non-malignant tumors found on top of scar tissue. These scars can spread beyond the boundaries of the original injury and may continue to grow over time. Hypertrophic and keloid scars will respond well to scar therapy like laser surgery and other types of light treatment.

By identifying a scar among these three categories, it will be easier to choose the most effective scar therapy for each individual situation. The right treatment can diminish the appearance of a scar and increase confidence in one's appearance.

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