Interested in Leather Furniture

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Everyone has their particular tastes when it comes to different types of furniture. For many, leather is the perfect choice.

Interested in Leather Furniture?

Leather furniture can be a classy addition to your living room or den. Many consumers are turning towards leather furniture because of its attractive styling and durability. However, leather furniture is an investment and some care should be taken when selecting a piece for your home. Here are some simple tips to help you find the right choice for your lifestyle.

First, don't be afraid of getting leather furniture! It is actually four times more durable than fabric covered furniture. Leather also improves as it ages, so you won't have to worry about a piece looking worn. Leather can be used in an office space or formal setting, but families with children do not need to shy away from it. Families might want to purchase leather pieces that have unzipping cushions. This way you can remove the cushions to freshen them up or to have them replaced.

There are three different finishes on leather. Aniline is the softest of the leather choices. It is also the most expensive. It is made with no protective coating over the leather. Semi-aniline has a small amount of coating on it, and pigmented leather is fully coated. When you decide to purchase a leather piece, you will need to first think about what you are doing to do with the piece and what your lifestyle is like. The aniline leather is soft and beautifully dyed, but it is not protected from stains. A spill on pigmented leather can typically just be wiped up, but the leather is not as luxurious.

Although leather/vinyl combinations typically save you some money, they wear at different rates. The vinyl part of your couch or chair will wear quicker than your leather. For this reason, make sure that the piece you are choosing is 100% leather. Leather couches and chairs are a good furniture investment because they last much longer than fabric couches. Some people are turned off by the higher prices, but you should keep in mind that you will likely purchase two or more fabric couches in the same time span that you would keep your leather couch.

Today about half of upholstered furniture sold is made from leather. Once you have selected the right leather piece for your lifestyle, make sure you receive some education on how to properly care for your new furniture. At the time of your purchase, you should receive information regarding any care instructions specific to the furniture you bought. In general, you will just need to take a dry cloth and dust off your leather furniture every few days. You should take a vacuum with a crevice tool and clean along the bottom and in between cushions. You should use a leather conditioner every six to twelve months to keep the leather looking good and feeling soft.

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