Western Governments and Islam

by Dr. Charles Sabillon - Date: 2007-01-12 - Word Count: 905 Share This!

The birth of the new millennium was not as joyous as expected for it brought several unpleasant surprises of which the worst was terrorism.

The impression most people have developed of the series of attacks that climaxed on 9-11 and continued in the following years, is that it is a totally new phenomenon. That however, is not true. Islam has committed numerous similar attacks in the past.

Terrorism is not exclusive of Muslims, but the official sanctioning of it is exclusive of Islam. All religions have used violence to further their cause, but the founder of those creeds did not sanction it. Islam did.

Mohammed was a violent man. He commanded armies, wielded a sword, and sliced people's throats. Aside from being a man of action and having murdered dozens of persons, he also endorsed violence at the theoretical level. During his life he systemically advocated the use of it and up to the last day of his life, he emphasized on its need. At his deathbed, he urged his followers to spread the word of Allah throughout the world by the sword.

Despite the evidence from history and the systemic killing of Westerners in the last years, Western governments refuse to condemn that religion.

They not only lie about the true nature of Islam, but also deploy large amounts of money to manipulate public opinion. They have endorsed a huge program of propaganda through the media, which is intended on convincing their populations that such a creed is harmless.

That inevitably begs the question: Why do they lie?

The answer lies in the events surrounding the Second World War. That atrocious war, which was the most destructive of all times, was exclusively the doing of Adolph Hitler. Adolph Hitler was an unusual man. He was ignorant, brutish, and mentally deranged and such a mixture of factors drove him to see the world in a very irrational way. He was convinced that the problems of Germany and the world were due to a Jewish conspiracy. He thus endorsed a policy of extermination of the Jews and of other groups, which culminated in something of apocalyptic proportions.

The Second World War was terribly costly in human lives, killing about sixty million and it also laid waste to Europe and other parts of the world.

As a result, the West and more particularly Europe came out traumatized from that event. The whole political class emerged with the firm determination to do everything within its means to avoid a repetition of such a catastrophe. All political parties, from the right to the left, emerged also with the idea that the cause of the war resided in racism.

However, that is completely and absolutely false.

Racism and anti-Semitism had existed for centuries, but never before had a government in Europe pursued a systemic policy of extermination of the Jews.

The fact that never in the history of Europe had there been such a profound economic crisis as the one of the Great Depression, suggests that the crux of the problem lies there.

Hitler only succeeded in getting to power in the wake of the economic depression that ravaged Germany. In 1928, when the German economy was functioning normally, the Nazis won only 4% of the votes but in 1932, when the economy was in collapse and unemployment reached 30%, they got 37%, becoming the largest party in Parliament.

They got the most votes because the traditional parties failed to solve the crisis and the population got desperate. And the traditional parties failed, because the economists of the time did not know what caused economic growth and could therefore not reactivate the economy.

That war, like most in history, was the result of economic hardship and that was the result of a lack of scientific knowledge.

The solution was to figure out what causes economic growth. Had that puzzle been resolved, that war and all the others that came after that one would have been avoided.

With the formula for growth, all nations can attain fast and sustained economic growth and poverty and unemployment gets rapidly eliminated. Once those two get eliminated, people no longer search for scapegoats to blame for their troubles.

However, instead of attacking the core of the problem, Western governments did nothing, in the early 1930s or later. They did not deploy large funds for scientific research, so that the economists would have solved the riddle. As it has so frequently happened in the history of humanity, they tried to resolve the matter by tackling the effects and not the cause.

They thus declared racism public enemy number one and got into the habit of condemning anything that remotely came close to sounding like racism.

Over the last decades, they have deployed huge amounts of money to mold public opinion through the media. The goal has been to drill into people's head the idea that racism is evil, that multiculturalism is a panacea, and that Muslims are good.

They have pushed this false idea so far, that at present they prefer to expose their populations to the violence of Muslim bombs, instead of risking sounding like Hitler.

To this day, the economic science is still incapable of explaining the phenomenon of growth and that is why so many nations endure high levels of unemployment and poverty.

At present, Germany and much of Europe has 12% unemployment and neo-Nazi parties are on the rise. Unsurprisingly, it is in the German states with the highest levels of joblessness where they have made the largest electoral gains.

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Charles Sabillon did High School in Texas and has undergraduate degrees in Philosophy, Economics and Law as well as a masters and a doctorate in International Relations. After the PhD, he undertook post-doctoral research in the fields of History, Economics, and Ecology. He has taught Economic History at a university in Switzerland and speaks fluently English, Spanish, French and German.

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