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by Christopher Ramcharran - Date: 2010-01-27 - Word Count: 570 Share This!

Ok, so here's the situation. You have a well designed site and you just realized the importance of online marketing. But you just realized you have nowhere to put new content, and worst your site hasn't been indexed. What's the solution? Convert your site to Wordpress. This CMS platform has been around for some time now and recently webmasters are beginning to use it for search engine optimization purposes. I'm going to show you the benefit of having a Content Management System (CMS) platform for your site, why Wordpress would be the best immediate solution and what you have to consider when working with the Wordpress platform.

You may be thinking: "Hey, how does a CMS even matter for search engine optimization?" Well a CMS doesn't automatically mean you'll rank better. What it really means is that you'll have more tools to help you rank better. The real benefit of a CMS is that it allows you to add content to your site really quickly, and the most basic search engine optimization principal is the more content you have, the more authority you have in your topic. A CMS will help you insert and organize content into your site so you wouldn't need to keep a web developer on standby when you're updating your site. There are many CMS platforms available such as Joomla, Blogger and Drupal. In my history of web development, I believe the fastest way to ramp up a site is to use a Wordpress platform.

Wordpress is an open source blogging platform that users either can take the code and install it onto their site or they can create a Wordpress account at wordpress.com and set up their site there. This platform is the best CMS structure I've used for three reasons: ease to install, gives great search engine optimization rankings and has the ability to add in plug-ins that everyone can use. The installation process for Wordpress last no longer than 2 minutes. All you have to do is upload the files they give you and then run the installation files through your browser. Search engines seem to give the Wordpress platform more authority than standard coded sites because I guess they believe it will be content heavy on its topic. Plug-ins is probably the greatest thing about this platform because it allows you to attach code to your CMS easily. Great code attachments include search engine plug-ins and functionality plug-ins.

Finally you may be wondering: "Hey, if this is so great why isn't everyone doing it?" Well there are two unfortunate limitations to Wordpress that doesn't make it easy for everyone to do it. The first limitation is working with the theme of Wordpress. Unfortunately you can't just design up something in Photoshop and assume it'll work easily with Wordpress. You have to consider the area the navigation is going to be and the area the footer is going to be. These things must be created properly in order for it to function properly in Wordpress. The other reason Wordpress is hard to work with is because it focuses more on blog updates as opposed to page creation. If you don't plan to update your site frequently, it may be inconvenient to work with.

Overall, Wordpress is a great platform to use to ramp up your site. There are some benefits and advantages but if you have the right developer, you can do anything with your site.

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