How to Avoid a Fight With a Close Friend or Boyfriend/girlfriend

by Lara Lee - Date: 2008-09-18 - Word Count: 340 Share This!

Having a fight with your closet friend or partner can be a big problem. But you can solve this constant problem, by making some adjustments and following these tips.

First of all sit down with your friend or partner and discuss why you had the fight, what were the reasons behind the argument, do not emphasize on who started the fight, but rather analyze the causes of it.

Tell your other close friend to be a mediator if you want, it is not always best to confront each other alone, since you might have a hard time getting your friend or partner to understand the real problem.

After clarifying the reasons you should both understand that the argument was a fault of both the people, playing the blame game will not do any benefit to anyone. Argument is not going to fix the problem, so just avoid and forget what had happened in the past, just apologize to each other for making it difficult for each other. Sometimes confusion could lead to misunderstanding and cause you hassle. So before making any judgments or complicating matters, with a cool mind sit down and talk about it. Discussion can avoid future problems, confrontation can be beneficial in many ways. Once you have gotten rid of the confusion and are okay with each other. Make sure you do not argue over the last fight over and over again. Talking about the previous fights can lead to more problems. So whatever is done leave it and close that chapter. What is the point of wasting time and energy over things that both of you have no control over. You should try to create memories together and do not be a source of negativity and stress for the other. Rather be a happy couple or great friends who others admire and want to be like. Going to a vacation after a big fight and its' solve can always be interesting. It would almost be like starting over just this time around both of you have acted like adults.

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