Skoda, the new driving force behind vw profits

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Long gone are the days when Skoda was the target of cruel jokes in the motoring industry. Sokda is now rapidly catching up with Audi in increasing the profits for VW which incorporated Skoda almost fifteen years from now. Skoda cars were once considered so dangerous to drive that the VW executives refuse to commute in them but all that has now changed and Skoda have come down a path of steady improvements in their models.

The VW's Skoda venture had been written off by many analysts in the motoring industry citing the un-predictable future of the Czech state. At the time of the initial VW involvement with Skoda, the new government after the velvet revolution had started selling off state assets and Skoda only had one model, the Skoda Favorit in production at the time. Skoda executives were told by VW to either go back to the drawing board and design a brand new car or it's the end of the line for Skoda. Mr. Detlef Wittig, a VW executive at the time of the VW takeover of Skoda and who now runs Skoda, jokes about how Skoda used to be the favoured target of all the cruellest jokes in the motoring industry where it used to be called " a skip on wheels " etc. Preset day analysts predict a very bright future for Skoda and admire the VW efforts and the decision to stick it through hard times for Skoda and give it an image where it is no longer considered a low class name.

The Geneva Car Show in March, 2007 will see the launch of the new generation Skoda Fabia Roomster Multipurpose vehicle and with a 5.5% increase in demand for this model plus a 45% increase in car sales due to manufacturing in China and India, Skoda is well on its way to improving the market share price for its parent company VW. The main reason for the popularity of Skoda models is thought to be due to the consumer wanting a similar feel as one would get driving an Audi or a VW but at the fraction of the cost. Skoda seems to fulfil this desire nicely and the quality of the latest generation models seems to improve with every new model launched.

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