Chapped Lips - How To Keep Them Smooth And Moist

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An expensive, branded lipstick is of no use if your lips are cracked, dry and unattractive. You need to learn how to protect and keeps your lips soft and smooth if you want your lips to be chapped-free.

Here is a rundown of the most common lip balms that you can use to protect your lips. There are three basic types of these lip balms and all of them can help to keep your lips silky and supple.

Lip balms

Helps to retain the moisture in your lips, most lip balms contains emollients such as lanolin, cocoa butter and aloe - which are beneficial for the skin's dermis. A point to note is, do not get over obsessed until you apply it several times a day. This may cause your lips to stop remoisturizing themselves which could happen if you do not limit the use of lip balms. This type of lip balm is most effective for indoor use against dry indoor air.

Sun screen balms

Such specially designed products are to help save your lips from the sun ray's harm. Usually contains substances like padimate-O or oxybenzone, these lips protection balms can help to shield your lips from drying weather, chlorine and salt water. Remember to choose at least SPH 15 sunscreen balm for best results. For this category of lips balms, you can slick some on whenever you are out at a park, playing games, cycling or any outdoor activities you are engaging in.

Sun block balms

For a more complete protection for your lips, choose a sun block balms that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These can help to fling out any UV lights that come passed to your lips. Sun block balms is also friendly to use - it's now non opaque and most come in white paste. This last category of lip balms is most suited for those who are in direct exposure under the harsh doses of sun. So if you are planning to go for sailing, sunny skiing or sun tanning at your beach, do not forget to apply a layer of sun block lip balm first.

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