The At Home Guide For Cleaning Clogged Arteries

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There is a good chance if you are reading this article you or someone you love has arterial plaque deposits. I commend you for taking this first step to eliminating this dangerous condition but before we go any further you should know that it will not be easy, and some sacrifices and lifestyle modifications will need to made to clean your arteries. So with that bit of sunshine why don't we jump right into the world of clogged arteries and cardiovascular risk to find some answers.

What are we dealing with?

The answer is plaque and most people start accumulating plaque in their arteries very early in life, some even before the age of 10. Arterial plaque is a combination of cholesterol, dead cells, blood stream debris, fibrous tissue, and calcium all mixed together in an artery hardening and heart attack producing obstruction. Plaque can form in one artery, or multiple arteries, and generally produces few if any symptoms until blood flow to the heart, brain, legs, or organs has been reduced by 70 percent or more. Another concern is the heart's pumping power diminishes with age, causing a once hidden problem to start producing symptoms even if arterial plaque accumulation has ceased.

At home steps to clean your arteries

The goal for at home steps to clean your arteries is to keep the heart strong, remove risk factors, and implement steps to remove preexisting arterial plaque obstruction/obstructions.

*Stop smoking and avoid second hand smoke: Both smoking and being exposed to cigarette smoke encourage arteries to accumulate plaque. The reason is that toxins form tobacco smoke travel through your bloodstream damaging the arterial lining creating cracks and nicks which facilitate cholesterol accumulation. Smoking also increases bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases good cholesterol (LDL).

*Watch out for saturated fat, trans fats, and cholesterol: When we see that delicious sausage or savory hot dog our senses go wild. They taste great and can be quite affordable but the problem is that much of the cholesterol and fats in these delectable delights ends up in our arteries. According to the American Heart Association to actually clean your arteries you will need to keep saturated fat consumption under 16 grams a day, hold cholesterol to under 25 percent of calories, and eliminate trans fats altogether.

*Daily activity is important: A sedentary lifestyle encourages the buildup of arterial plaque. The best advice here is set aside between 10 and 35 minutes for some type of fun, doctor approved exercise. Examples would be walking, bowling, pool aerobics, dancing, bicycling, and gardening.

*Weight management: As we age it is easy to pack on those pounds a little at a time until all of the sudden they really start to add up. Being overweight is linked to higher LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels and to lower HDL (good cholesterol). Being overweight also has been linked to both high blood pressure and diabetes. A very useful action plan I have used with success is to simply take in more calories than you can burn and don't eat high fat, high sugar foods late at night.

*Don't ignore supplements: Supplements can be a valuable tool in your battle to clean your arteries. The three that come to mind are omega 3 fish oil for healing damaged arteries and thinning the blood (700 DHA/EPA daily), a daily vitamin B complex to neutralize damaging homocysteines, and an all natural cholesterol reduction supplement to reduce the amount of artery clogging fat in the bloodstream.

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