How Can My Canvas Prints Click?

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Indeed many are intrigued on how they can make efficient canvas prints. Making them may not be that simple, however, there is something that can make it easier.


Well, digital printing of course. Yes, in making canvas prints, digital printing is the process that is usually recommended by most companies. The reason for this is that most digital printers are made to print through different types of printing medium, like closely woven fabrics or canvas.

This printing process can provide you with many advantages. One of which is four color printing capability which tends to produce a wider range of color results. This can provide amazing brightness and saturation which are the things needed in order to make your canvas prints more attractive.

Digital printing is also known for its accuracy. Most printing machines used for this process are able to print canvas results that contain no variations. Errors are also decreased to the point of non-existence because of this process.

This printing process also provides enough flexibility so that its users can create one of a kind design for their canvas prints. This process has a vast range of tools that will allow you to incorporate different visual features unlike no other printing process can.

Digital printing is also capable of providing fast results. This is due to the fact that this does not need any pre-press work or press setup. Most printing companies can offer same-day service; however, the standard turnarounds are usually three days.

Digital printing is also known for providing short run canvas prints. This means that you will be able to print only the number of copies you need. Although, the lowest number of prints offered by most companies are 250 or 1000.

When you use digital printing you will also have the capability to create variations between each printed copy. You can put different addresses or names to your canvas prints without slowing down or even stopping the machine from printing,

The only downfall of this process is that when it comes to color reproduction, offset or press printing is can provide much better colors. Printers used for this printing process also have limitations in terms of paper thickness. Most printers offer only smooth printing stocks.

Nevertheless, this printing process is the most ideal for canvas printing. Not only because it can quickly print high quality results, but it is also among the most inexpensive processes known today; much more inexpensive than press or offset printing.

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