Finding a Doctor For Your Infertility Treatment

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Most couples believe that when the time comes to start a family, conception will occur right on schedule. However, for one in every seven couples, this is simply not the case. When pregnancy doesn't happen as quickly as one would expect, it may be worthwhile to see the doctor.

When to Make an Appointment
The general guideline for when to talk to a doctor about infertility treatment states that if a couple under the age of 35 has actively tried to get pregnant for one year without success, it is time to make an appointment. If the couple is over the age of 35, that time frame is reduced to six months. It is also a good idea to visit a doctor if three miscarriages have occurred in a row, since this can also be a symptom of a fertility problem. Some couples will also make an appointment with a doctor before this checkpoint if they are concerned there may be a problem, although many doctors will not begin any sort of workup or treatment until the couple has been trying to get pregnant for these set amounts of time.

Who to See
When couples decide it is time to talk to a doctor about infertility treatment, there can be some uncertainty over which doctor to see. Most infertility workups can begin with the family doctor or the woman's gynecologist, since these doctors are familiar enough with the general process to get things started. If a specific problem is diagnosed during the initial workup, the couple should then decide if it can be adequately treated through this same doctor, or if it is time to get a specialist involved. Some gynecologists specialize in infertility treatments, while other doctors that primarily work in the field are known as a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist. When a couple begins to move into specialized procedures like assisted reproductive technology, it is best to contact one of these specialists.

When choosing a doctor for infertility treatment, find out how much of that doctor's practice is devoted to this specific field of study. If the doctor is also a practicing obstetrician, keep in mind that there may be many pregnant women in the waiting room whenever you have an appointment. Ask about the particular procedures this doctor does regularly and how much experience he has had with them. Gauge the staff while you are there for your initial appointment, since a kind, compassionate office staff can make all the difference when you are dealing with the emotional stress involved with the infertility process.

When you meet with the doctor for the first time, let him know how far you are willing to go with your infertility treatment up front. While this parameter may change throughout the course of your treatment, it is a good idea to let the doctor know what your philosophies are - at least at the beginning. By getting off on the right foot with the doctor of your choice, you greatly increase your odds that your infertility treatment will be a success.

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