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China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, recently held a fifth branch of power capacitors three members of the General Assembly, the National Energy Board and major equipment, energy conservation, Li administration, the National Energy Board Secretary for energy conservation equipment and technology equipment, the Director of Shu-Qiang Wang, Department of Industry and Information Technology Division Director of tension ultrasonic, and from the national power capacitor industry nearly 64 units of representatives of the industry trends, share of enterprises in the international financial crisis in the practices and successful experiences.     Participants generally agreed that the rapid development of power industry for power capacitor industry unprecedented opportunities. Building a strong intelligence network in China face the new situation and new tasks, the whole industry should seize the opportunity to accelerate development and make efforts to start development of a new situation.     Ye Li speech recalled the reform and opening up the development process of industry, power capacitors, fully affirmed the achievements the industry has. He said that China's power capacitor industry developed rapidly, invested heavily in technical innovation. Industry production capacity is currently the world's first manufacturing process is also called world-class level. He also earnestly hope that the power capacitor industry a rare opportunity to seize, to rely on technological progress, develop new products. In technology, raw materials, technology and other aspects of experimental efforts to continuously improve product quality to meet the power requirements of equipment manufacturing industries.     Tension over the view that China's power industry a bright future capacitors, while the key is how the future development of further changes in the market demand on the grid. He stressed that the proposed enterprise should carefully analyze the market, analysis of production capacity, timely adjustment of industrial structure, to further promote industrial upgrading.     The General Assembly by the Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute, executive vice president ZHENG power capacitor branch hosted its fifth branch chairman of the Council made on behalf of high Xiaolin "power capacitors 2009 and 2010, chapter summary of the work plan of work" and report. At the meeting, Guilin Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., Nissin Electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., New Northeast Electric (Jinzhou) Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Hop Yung Group Co., Ltd. and other industries were the backbone of business exchange were to speak.

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