Copper Vessel Sink - How To Install And Make Your Bathroom Beautiful!

by Erik W. Ortega - Date: 2010-08-13 - Word Count: 297 Share This!

In my opinion, installing a vessel bathroom sink is a lot easier than installment of a standard drop in sink. It only requires a few tools and a few steps and you've got a complete beautiful sink. No need for caulking and making certain that the hole you're about to drop the sink into perfectly fits the sink.

Always check with a professional in the circumstance you are not certain of the installation...

Supplies needed:

* A Copper vessel sink

* A vessel faucet (if you're installing a copper sink faucet, chrome and like colors commonly clashes with the appearance and is not as aesthetically delightful as a rubbed bronze or additional types of faucets)

* Drill

* Silicone

* Drain (pop-up or stopper)

If you get a sink install kit, it is more easier because it includes the mount rings, the traps and the drain.

* Plumbers tape

Vessel Sink Installation

1. I suggest placement of the faucet first so that you can get the exact length from the wall or back splash to your sink. This helps preclude you from putting the faucet in a point that will allow water to disperse all over the counter when you turn it on full force.

2. Put mounting ring and washer on drain hole and then put the copper vessel sink on top. Squirt some silicone where the sink meets the counter top.

3. Install the drain from both ends. Through the sink and then through the counter top according to the directions provided by the maker.

4. Install your P or S trap and then join it.

5. Enjoy your easily installed Copper Vessel Sink!

Like I said originally, if you are unsure about any of this or are still perplexed, please consult a professional. No sense in destroying your stunning copper sink because you were too stubborn to call a professional!

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