How Content Publishing Helps To Maximize Traffic Generation On Your Blog - Part 2

by Jo Han Mok - Date: 2007-04-02 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Blogging is king!

I have emphasized time and time again that it is extremely beneficial to use a blog for your business. And considering the tons of revenue it has generated for tons of revenue companies worldwide, it's going to be hard not to believe me.

In Part 1 of the article, I described about how to obtain traffic from social bookmarking, optimized keywords and articles. Now In Part 2, I'm going to tell you how you're going to get more recognition for your blog and a rise in traffic.

4. Press Releases

Write a press release about your blog and submit it to press release directories online. What's more, you can even submit the press release to your local newspaper. Give a personal note to the editor that you have a blog that he would be interested to publish into his newspaper. Editors love to receive something that has interest and is new in content to publish and gain the readers' interest.

Write about something in your blog that the public would be interested in and what you can offer to them. Attach a link of your website to the press release so that your link would be printed out as well to make the readers get into action and go online to visit your blog.

If yours is a high ranking blog, all the more the better. Give statistics to the editor how many visitors you have to your blog every day and other achievements your blog has achieved in order to get into the editor's good graces.

5. MySpace

MySpace is a social networking site with over 100 million people subscribed to it. Let me say this part of the sentence again,"...over 100 million people subscribed to it."

With that being said, you to take advantage of this social networking site!

To promote your blog you have to start with writing an extremely good profile about yourself and the URL your blog and optimize it with targeted keywords so that search engines can find you. Although this has nothing much to do with content publishing, you can also join the MySpace groups that relates to your blog. For example if you're selling clothes, you can join a group that discusses about fashion.

6. Contribute To Other Blogging Sites

You can do more of content publishing by posting comments at other bloggers' sites that are similar to what you are doing. When people read your comments and sees you as an expert, they'll head on to your site to learn more about you.

Another thing you can do is to ask other bloggers to link up to your article that might interest a lot of readers. They can either post the whole article as a post, together with your resource box of course, or give a review about it and provide a link.

You can also offer to write for them an article, but maintain copyright with your name and have a link to your blog.

On the whole, these six points on content publishing play a very important role in increasing and maintaining the traffic of your blog. And do you happen to see that most of these strategies are free and the rest are at extremely low cost? Why, one day you might be asking Pay-Per-Who?

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