GT versus Mongoose

by John Gibb - Date: 2007-02-22 - Word Count: 455 Share This!

When it comes to 2 giants crashing then the results are not only unexpected but it’s also true that everybody is on the lookout to see who‘s going to smash whom! In the battle of BMX bikes, GT and Mongoose are certainly two of the most respected manufacturers on the field; but… who prevails? Well, although it’s almost impossible to judge, through this article you will have the chance to get information about 2 popular BMX bike models by GT and Mongoose. The models are Mach 1 Pro and Brawler by GT and Mongoose respectively. Judging by the name of the bike as well as the manufacturer brand, Mach 1 Pro should definitely have to be a great bike in order to live up to the expectations of the fans. Does the bike come any close to that? Well, the first thing you would notice about this bike is that it is very smooth and light. After riding it for some time you will also discover that it is also very resistant and it loves air stunting! A good feature is TEKTRO brakes; the frame and the tires are not bad either. The bike is pretty similar to GT interceptor but some may find it’s got some paints from GT Vertigo too. The only considerable weakness that you might find on this bike is that it doesn’t come with chain tensors. Other than that, the bike is really good and the price is very affordable. Jumping on the other side now, Mongoose would have no choice in this stiff competition but to come up with a serious weapon, the Mongoose Brawler. The first things that will catch your eye about this bike are the excellent frame and the front forks. The brakes and the crank are pretty good too. A weakness about this bike is that the other parts (such as sprocket, hub and rims) are not very satisfying. Of course, you can always replace them easily at any time and you will have a really, really good bike. Brawler is a very resistant and maneuverable bike but you might feel a little bit limited while dirt jumping because it tends to be bigger than other bikes you may have been used to. Don’t be tricked to believe that the winner of the battle is the Mach 1 Pro. Brawler hides a really exciting riding experience and it is the type of bike that has the potential to reach the top with just a few extra replacements. Both bikes are really top of the line products and you should really have a close look and get to ride them for at least a few minutes in order to decide witch one is best for you.

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