Drifting - The Latest Craze From Japan

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The Japanese invented it and America, Australia and now the UK, are going mad for it! So what's it all about? And more importantly: how do you do it?

Although previously a very underground sport. Drifting is now well known due to exposure by Manga films like "Initial D" and by Hollywood's "Tokyo Drift", the latest film in the Fast And The Furious series.

So how do you drift?

"You brake and then turn the wheel, step on the clutch, and pull the e-brake. Release the e-brake, go into countersteer mode, then wait. Wait until you know the car is facing the corner exit direction. then you smile and slam on the gas as you exit the corner." - Keiichi Tsuchiya

Sounds complicated. But we can break this down into a few key skills which will have you drifting in no time at all.

All of these techniques will require practice. You need to perfect your skill and knowledge of your cars balance, power and gearing. Timing of these steps will vary depending on the car, the driver the speed and the shape of the corner.

So practice, practice, PRACTICE !

Power Over

This technique uses the throttle, and raw power of the engine to induce drift when entering a corner. It can be performed at any speed as long as you choose a suitable gear to deliver maximum power.

1. Approach the corner at speed, downshift if necessary to get your revs into the powerband.

2. Turn into the corner and floor the throttle. The power and weight shift will cause the rear to loose traction

3. The back end will step out, you are now in drift !

4. Steer in the other direction (opposite lock) so that the front wheels point where you want the car to go. Be ready to straighten back up.

5. Don't come off the gas! And Don't Brake! Otherwise you will find yourself performing the rest of the maneuver using your rear view mirror.

6. As you come out of the corner, straighten up and the rest of the car should gain traction and drive normally....until the next corner anyway!

Part 2 coming soon...
Featuring more Drifting Techniques, and the first part of a primer on Drifting Cars.

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