Favorite Concert Sold-Out? Here are 5 Ways to Get in Anyway

by Casey Markee - Date: 2007-07-05 - Word Count: 946 Share This!

If you are anything like me, I am sure you have spent more then you care to admit on concert tickets during your earlier formative years. Many of you reading this article may still spend more on concert events then you may care to admit to yourself or your significant other. Unfortunately, concerts nowadays are becoming more and more costly. Most college students and many young professionals are finding it increasingly difficult these days to pay for these tickets, or have to starve the week prior to the event to save up the money required (Ramen Noodles anyone?).

Well listen up young people, this article is for you. Just don't tell your parents. Why should music be so expensive? Well, if you sneak into the concert, it's not. By splitting the cost of concert tickets between the valid ticket holders and those sneaking in, you can lower your cost per person significantly.

Here are the best 5 ways I have found to sneak into a concert, explore them at your own risk:

1. The Stamp - Lots of smaller venues across the country still use the hand stamp to prove that you have paid to get into a concert. Once your hand is stamped you can come and go as many times as you like during the concert. When you are getting your hand stamped always put it on the ticket stand or table that you are getting stamped at. This way the stamp will be clear and have more ink on it than if you had held your hand out in the air. Once your hand it stamped wait 15 to 20 minutes before leaving the venue. Once outside wet the stamp, spit works well, and then press your hand against your friends hand to transfer the stamp. Walk back in casually together and waive your hands in front of the door person to prove you have a valid stamp.

2. Wristbands - Many concerts have decided that wrist bands are an easier way to keep track of groupies. They come in two types, plastic and smooth paper, both are stretchable. This trick, however, requires at least two ticket holders. Once the two valid ticket holders are inside, stretch the band so that it will slide off over your hand. The other person can then take the band outside and give it to the person waiting to sneak in. If the band has stretched so large that it will be obvious, bring tape or a safety pin to hook it under your wrist and walk in with your fingers in your pockets so that the wristband is still showing.

3. Ticket Stubs - Some concerts still rip your ticket when you enter and let you keep half of the ticket. This is the one of the easiest ways to get in. Most people, once they are in a concert do not leave, therefore their tickets stubs get dropped on the floor or in the nearest garbage can. Once in the stadium, look for extra tickets stubs to take back out to your buddies so that they may enter. When returning to the stadium, go in groups of no more than 2 or 3, so as not to be obvious.

4. The Exit/Entrance - There are still quite a few venues out there that have exit doors along the sides or back of the stadium. Some of the older buildings have not yet been equipped with alarm sounding doors; therefore if your friends can coordinate with you and determine where the door on the inside of the stadium opens to the outside of the stadium, you can let them in. This is best done by scoping the concert halls out ahead of time or checking the stadium seating chart on the internet before going to the concert. Plan ahead, trying to coordinate the location from inside a large venue may be difficult,t and you would not want to be walking around the outside of the building so much that you would draw attention to yourself. I suggest doing this 1 person at a time with long intervals in between so as not to draw too much attention to the change of lighting caused by the open door.

5. The Stage Pass - To let in roadies, techies, and other backstage employees many concerts create stage passes so that they will not have to be bothered by security when they enter and exit multiple times during the set up for the concert. A stage pass can be created by purchasing standard laminate. Create your own stage pass by printing out the bands current album or tour logo and laminating it yourself. Check e-bay to see if anyone is selling their old passes for collector's items to get an idea of what yours should look like. This pass works best if you arrive early for the concert when crews are still setting up and lots of people are coming and going. Wear plain clothing that does not stand out easily in a crowd, and carry any equipment sitting around to make yourself look like an employee.

The key to sneaking into a concert is attitude. If you believe you should be in there, then you should. If you look like you belong, you do. If you act like it's no big deal, then it's not. If you are nervous, try making a phone call, talking to friends, or looking at the concert program while entering the venue; this will help you to look more nonchalant.

Sneaking into a concert can certainly save you some bucks for the next event. Follow the above steps and save some money for what is most important to struggling college students everywhere...more Ramen Noodles!

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