Are You Ready For Voip?

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Are You Ready For An Internet Phone That Uses Voip?

With an internet phone system you can make phone calls over the Internet and save a bundle of cash! All you need is a broadband internet connection, any standard touch-tone corded or cordless phone, and a VoIP provider like industry-favorite Vonage.

Why can you make cheap phone calls on the Internet?

Because you are not using government regulated lines for the transmission of your conversations, your VoIP carrier will not be charged surcharges and regulation fees like traditional phone companies are charged. Your traditional carrier adds those surcharges and fees to your phone bill in addition to whatever service plan you have. Vonage and other VoIP providers can transmit your telephones calls for less money, so they pass those savings along to you.

Does lower cost mean lower voice quality?

Not if you use a first-class VoIP provider like Vonage. There are a lot of VoIP startups that try to cut corners and lower their expenses by using inferior equipment and yesterday's technology. That's why it's important to choose an Internet telephone service provider with millions of installed users and a profitable infrastructure.

Will I sacrifice features if I switch to VoIP?

Jut the opposite is true, actually. Companies like Vonage provide more features than nearly any traditional telephone service provider, and 99% of those features are available at no additional costs above your low monthly service plan.

Vonage VoIP offers all of the normal teleco features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller id, call return (*69), Voicemail and more, but they also offer enhanced services such as receiving your voicemail messages as e-mail attachments, and an amazing feature called virtual phone numbers.

Virtual phone numbers allow you to establish local telephone numbers nearly anywhere in the world and have all of the calls directed to your main number. What a great way to make your business look bigger than it is or to give far away friends and family the ability to call you without paying long distance charges.

There's no reason to stay with outdated landlines when you can switch to VoIP and get more for less.

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