Wedding Insurance Claims - Never Work With Children Or Animals

by Adam Leyton - Date: 2010-10-27 - Word Count: 604 Share This!

It has often been said that you should never aim to work with children or animals, and almost certainly most wedding insurance companies would suggest quite strongly that when planning your wedding, both children and animals should be kept at a considerable distance.

Sadly not everyone listens to their wedding insurance company's helpful little suggestions, and in the following five examples it is quite clear that children and animals can very easily be a liability. All of these examples of wedding insurance claims are completely genuine, as well as being completely horrifying.

Our first example involves a very romantic couple who decided that as they stepped out of the church a flock of doves would be released. What could be more romantic than pure white doves taking wing as the couple take their first steps towards a life together?

Unfortunately, one of the doves decided, for reasons best known to itself, to hurl headlong towards the limousine. Unfortunately the dove didn't live to see the rest of the wedding, and the limousine company decided to sue the couple for the damage done to the paintwork.

Sadly our second example involves the same couple, because several of the remaining doves decided that the excitement of the occasion was simply too much, and contributed their own little messages on several guests below.

This involved cleaning bills and cleaning expenses for hired suits and dresses, and in both of these two examples the wedding insurance company were necessary in order to cover what could potentially have been two very expensive costs.

The third wedding insurance claim example that demonstrates that you should never work with children or animals involves another animal, in this case, a horse. The Bride had visions of arriving at the church in a romantic horse drawn carriage.

Unfortunately the horse decided to make a break for freedom, and hurtled past the church, on down the main high street, and halfway across town. Quite apart from the fright which the Bride and her entourage experienced, the entire event delayed the wedding considerably, and there was quite a bit of damage to several of the cars parked outside the church.

But it isn't just animals that are to blame, because children can be just as unpredictable. There was of course the case of the Bridesmaid who decided, just before the wedding, to open a can of coke. You can probably see where this is going, with a Bridesmaid dressed up in a pretty dress, standing next to the Bride, with a can of highly volatile, very compressed drink.

Of course, the drink went everywhere, and although a great deal of mopping was attempted, all of the dresses had to be professionally cleaned afterwards, at additional expense. Fortunately the wedding insurance company picked up the bill, but it is unlikely that the child in question picked up a can of coke anytime soon after that.

Our fifth and final example, to be completely fair, involves a boy. Specifically, a Pageboy, who was given the tremendously exciting task of walking behind the Bride up the aisle.

Perhaps someone should have pointed out to the Pageboy that it was necessary to walk quite that close to the Bride. As he stepped on to the back of the dress, the Bride's head was yanked backwards, she lost her balance, and fell down. The dress was torn, the vale was torn, and the Bride's composure was completely shattered.

So if you're looking to plan your wedding, make sure that you avoid children and animals, but if you absolutely must include one or both of the two risks, make sure you have a sympathetic and very generous wedding insurance company backing you up.

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