Apartment Safety Tips - 10 Cheap Ideas

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Security for people who live in apartments, town homes or college dorms doesn't have to be expensive or hard to install. These ten on-the-cheap ideas can help you gain piece of mind and make you less susceptible to break ins.

1) Secure all windows. Remember to include windows in the bathroom and other entry windows. Place a broom stick or other similar device in the track of a sliding glass door. Cost: $2.00

2) Never depend on a chain lock to secure your doors to the outside. Always install a good deadbolt lock. The lock should changed if the keys are lost and they clearly identify the location of your building or apartment. This should also be done if the apartment was formerly occupied and you are the new tenant. Refrain from having too many extra keys made - and never lend out the master key. Cost: $40.00

3) In addition to locks, install a "peephole" (wide angle viewer) on your outside doors. Use your peephole to "interview" strangers at your door. Be extremely cautious of any salespeople or workers (from the cable company or gas company, for example) that show up without you having called them. Ask all salesmen, solicitors, and information seekers to produce valid credentials (drivers license and employee ID) and call the company to double-check their legitimacy. Any stranger who does not cooperate needs to be reported to the authorities as a potential threat. Cost: $35.00

4) If your building has an intercom system, use it wisely. If you do not know the person who rang your intercom, do not "buzz" them in - even if they claim to be a friend of another tenant. Awkward perhaps, but you can always say "I'm sorry but I don't know you so I cant let you in." Cost: Free

5) Cooperate with all other tenants in keeping the outer main doors locked. Do not permit strangers to enter the building as you are leaving or entering. The main entrance front door is a critical area for security. There must be a building policy that requires all nonresidents to be screened outside the main entrance door by the tenant who is being visited to prevent unauthorized access. Cost: Free

6) Never place your full name on the identification slot, mailbox, or in the telephone directory. Use first and middle initials. For example, use "J.T. Smith" rather than John Taylor Smith. Also, do not leave messages or notes for the postman, paperboy, or manager advertising your absence. Have deliveries picked up by a friend or neighbor while on vacation. Cost: Free

7) Be careful in carport areas. Lock your car. When entering or leaving, look around and make sure that no one is lurking in the area. If you do see someone loitering, leave immediately and notify the manager and/or the police. If there is a storage compartment in the carport, don't place valuable items in them. Do not expect your items in these storage areas to be very secure. Use a good quality padlock and have well-secured hasp attachments. Cost: $5.00

8) Security lighting is an important aspect of security in the carport, as well as the stairwell, alley, recreation room, patio, and other common areas - both inside and out. Bulbs should be of adequate wattage and burned-out bulbs should be replaced promptly ' don't wait for building maintenance to do it ' take charge yourself. Cost: $2.00

9) Avoid using the laundry room in your apartment complex by yourself, especially at night. Develop a buddy system. A well organized and active tenant association is always very helpful, as are active Neighborhood Watch groups. Cost: Free

10) Install a motion sensor alarm. Wireless units like the LaserShield system require no installation and are portable when you move to another apartment or home. Motion detection sensors immediately detect an intruder and sound a loud siren, and can also be professionally monitored. Cost: under $200.00.

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