Satellite Tv Channel Service: A Remarkable Innovation!

by Shekhar Sharma - Date: 2010-08-29 - Word Count: 355 Share This!

With advent of satellite tv, idiot-box freaks can now satiate their appetite for high-quality entertainment. However, there is more to the story than just high-quality entertainment alone. Satellite tv channels, which are an integral part of any satellite tv service package, also happens to be one excellent aspect of it.

A normal cable operator broadcasts some 'x' number of channels in a colony. Thanks to hectic lifestyles, people hardly get any time to watch television. It means that they hardly get time to watch all the channels being offered to them by their cable operators. Clearly, in such cases, the customer ends up overpaying. He/She has no other option but to accept the entire channel package and pay for it, which is criminal considering present inflation rate. But not anymore. Thanks to the option offered by almost every satellite cable tv service providers these days.

This option gives subscriber the luxury of choosing his/her choice of channels. Herein, one can save great deal of money by selecting channels he/she likes to watch the most. Of course, later, if the buyer feels so, he/she can add or reduce channels from the kitty.

Interestingly, through this satellite tv channel option, buyers can also save themselves from sudden and abnormal cable charges hikes.

But the story does not ends here. Some of these service providers also offer few add-on satellite tv channels. Brainchild of satellite tv service providers, these are sponsored television platforms that are part of offered package. These channels provide additional services like music, ringtones downloads, paid premier of latest movies at chosen time etc.

As far as number of satellite tv channels goes, every service provider is trying to offer maximum number of channels. Many providers are even offering as much as 250 channels. A huge number considering the average time one spends in watching television on daily basis.

Meanwhile, there is an important demarcation to understand in satellite tv channels. Yes, these channels can be divided into two categories - Paid and FTA. Paid channels, as the name suggests, are channels whose subscription will cost you. However, for subscribing FTA (aka Free To Air) channels, you don't have to pay anything.

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