Creating Beautiful & Unique Baby Gift Baskets

by Christina Cermak - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 407 Share This!

Baby gift baskets are wonderful gifts for mom and dad to be. Bring them to baby showers, to welcome baby at the hospital or at home. Here are some tips to create a professional looking gift basket.

Choose a theme.
A baby gift registry comes in handy here. Mom gets the item she wants and you have an easier time choosing items. This ensures that your gift basket doesn't look like a mish mosh of random items put together. Some theme ideas are: bath time, bedtime, feeding time, play time, baby book library, a day in the life of baby. For example, a bath time basket would contain items related to baby taking a bath: bath towels, washcloths, tub toys, bath tub, etc. A day in the life of baby is a grouping of everything baby would do in a typical day. For example, pajamas for sleeping, toys for napping, bottles and bibs for feeding, etc. I think you get the idea here.

Choose a unique container.
Willow baskets are beautiful and functional but to make your baby basket stand out choose a unique container. For baby bath baskets I like to buy a baby bath to put all the items in. This is something mom to be needs anyway and makes a fun container. Toy boxes, canvas tote boxes, photo boxes all make great containers. Use your imagination.

Prep your container.
You want the items in your basket to sit on top of the basket so it looks fuller. Use clean newsprint to pack in the basket. Then place your decorative filler, such as crinkle shred or decorative tissue, on top of the newsprint.

Place your items in your container.
Organize your items in your container by height. Taller items should be placed in the back. It is up to you whether you want to make the basket symmetrical or not. I usually place the tallest item to the side to create a cascading effect. If your items will not stay in position, use bamboo skewers to keep them in place. Tape the skewers to the item then punch through the newsprint in the basket to hold in place.

Wrap and go.
Use cello wrap or tulle to wrap your gift. Pull up all the sides and secure at the top with a twist tie or string. Tie curling ribbons or bows at the top to cover the string. Attach a card and you're ready to go!

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