You Think Your Computer's Had It? Think Again. Registry Cleaning Could Be The Answer.

by Gideon Gray - Date: 2010-10-04 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

How many of you are thrilled and excited with the speed and efficiency of your new computer only to find in a short time it slows almost to a stop before your programmes load? This is an indication that your PC needs help and one of the best methods is by cleaning up your registry.

You may wonder what this means. I certainly did and will therefore explain. Your computer registry is a record of miniscule data files needed to efficiently run a windows computer. Every bit of information loaded onto your computer leaves a tiny amount of memory. This gradually builds up and sometimes corrupts, clogging up the performance of your PC, resulting in a seriously deteriorated operating system.

So, how can you avoid this? Obviously you want to load all your photos, music and personal documentation onto your computer. After all, that's why many people have a PC. This information just grows and grows and even though you uninstall programs and delete files, redundant information is still stored in the hard drive. The outcome of all this activity is that it takes longer and longer to register information, which is extremely frustrating.

Your car would not run so well without regular servicing and your computer is just the same! It is important to regularly (and this is best monthly) give it a complete clean by disc scanning and defragmenting your hard drive to keep peak performance. To do this, access the defragmenter and scan utility in your systems tools folder.

Of course this is not always the problem and there is always the possibility of the dreaded virus. When your computer freezes or crashes, this is an indication that your PC has contracted a virus, which has the effect of causing "irrational" behaviour patterns. Basically to avoid this frustrating and sometimes devastating bug it is important to install an antivirus software program onto your computer, which can be updated online before activating.

Yet another problem can be start-up programs, which open automatically on start-up, causing your PC confusion. To eliminate this, disable any programs manually in the startup folder that you are not currently using. Alternatively, as stated before, your registry cleaner will systematically go through deleting any files which are no longer necessary. This takes just minutes and saves hours. It is easy to install online and easily remedies the aforementioned problems.

If all the above have been tested and you still have a problem, you could have bogged down your PC with too much software. You can check the memory capacity of your computer in system tools and system information to ensure you are not running too much software at one time, or run a registry cleaning program to free disc space. This all sounds so complicated, but it's not. By downloading a registry scanner your PC will continue to run smoothly and save yourself huge amounts of time and repair costs. The result is a happy computer and an even happier operator.

View your Registry Cleaning options by Clicking Here to make an informed decision that could change you and your computer's life.

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