Your Thoughts and Emotions When You're 28 Weeks Pregnant

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Now that you are over halfway through your pregnancy at 28 weeks, your thoughts will undoubtedly turn to wondering what you baby will be like. You may be wondering if you will have a colicky baby or if it will sleep through the night. You may even be thinking of practicing getting up several times during the night and spend some time daydreaming about the new baby as you rock in the rocking chair. You will want to ask questions of your friends that have children to get information about what you can expect. What you will soon realize is that all babies are different and no two sets of parents will have the same experiences.


Your doctor will have taken blood tests by this point to determine whether or not you are RH negative or positive. If the results show that you are RH positive, then you don have anything to worry about. If you are RH negative, you will have to have a shot of Rhogam or Rh immunoglobulin during your 28th week to avoid complications when the baby is born with Rh positive blood. This is also necessary for your future babies after this one.


The results of your glucose testing will also be available this week. If the results are positive, you will have to have further tests for gestational diabetes. This involves eating certain foods for a few days prior to the three-hour long test. If this test comes back with a positive result, then you will have to follow a special diet and take other precautions for the rest of your pregnancy.


The time for delivery is getting closer and inside the uterus the baby is preparing to make its entrance. The baby can open its eyes part of the way and is able to blink its eyes. The irises also have color so if you have a 3D ultrasound with the baby eyes open, you just might be able to find out what color they are, but the eyes don have their final color until the final few weeks. The baby is a lot fatter now that it has been in previous weeks and is starting to fill out the wrinkles in the skin. The average weight of a baby at 28 weeks is about two to three pounds and it is about 15 inches in length.


Your friends will likely start planning a baby shower for you. This is the time when you can have fun choosing baby items at a baby registry ?especially items that you probably think are too expensive to buy yourself. You will be feeling pretty good with lots of energy and you won be as emotional now over little things. This is a great time for you and your partner to start discussing possible names and enjoying each other company. Get out for walks when the weather is suitable and make sure you get the right amounts of water and calcium each day. Sleep is essential even though you may not feel that you need it.

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