Sufficient English language knowledge, a must-have in today's society

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Have ever had difficulties in communicating with your associates, partners or just friends from abroad because you couldn't always understand what they were saying or because you couldn't make yourself understood? Have you been feeling left out of a debate because your knowledge of English was not as advanced as it should be? Did it ever occur to you that your business success was held back by this particular problem and that you could do so much better if you could remedy it? If the above describe a situation you've experienced, then it is time to find out how you can tip the scales in your favour.

First of all, acknowledging that it is high time you took some measures is the foremost step in putting the conversational handicap behind you permanently. English has slowly become a universal language, spoken in all fields of activity, from education to business, and it is conventionally established that every person involved must know the minimum required for his message to be understood entirely. Therefore, deciding to study English and get help in trying to overcome your problem is a necessary step and it will pay off almost instantly. All it takes is patience, devotion and hard work, as well as a well qualified teacher or an Intensive English course.

Although the market is bursting with different self-learning courses, cassettes, how-to-learn-at-home videos and other similar items, it is advisable that you acquire the services of a professional English teacher instead. Choosing the latter option will allow you to absorb more information, learn English terminology, and study English phonetics, all in a more natural way and in record time. Certain grammatical and vocabulary issues would be impossible to learn using a cassette, for example, while a qualified professor can lead you through an ongoing study of the matters. Also an important benefit of this kind of learning is its inter-human aspect, allowing you to feel more comfortable throughout the learning process. A residential English summer course could be the ideal answer. A family stay can be ideal but also can prove complicated. Staying in a residence offers independence but if the course organizers can assure a mixture of nationalities then hopefully you will be speaking English all day. A few courses offer the presence of teachers all day, this is obviously very recommendable.

However, you should pay great attention when choosing the person (or institution) that will instruct you as not all so-called "professional teachers" are indeed professional nor have the same qualifications. Neglecting this aspect can result in a series of drawbacks in the knowledge you gain, and consequently the results would not be the ones you had hoped for. Consider devoting a fairly long amount of time to this decision by studying different offers via the Internet or agencies, gathering opinions from people who have acquired the services of a certain teacher and make your choice based on the conclusions you draw from all these sources.

In conclusion, choosing to learn English or to improve your English language skills is a compulsory step, especially in the business world nowadays, as it allows you to make your ideas heard and also comprehend other people's opinions. Leave your pride aside and get help from a professional and you won't regret it even for a second.

Tim McKeown, after studying zoology at Cambidge University Tim has spent 4 summers attending the intensive english summer courses with

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