The Biggest Killer of our Times, Assuming Things

by Jeffrey A Solochek, I - Date: 2007-05-20 - Word Count: 730 Share This!

Companies throughout the world assume that thier corporate policies are written in stone someplace and that everybody know what these are. This is not just companies that do this but people everywhere. I still remember this one episode in this old TV series "The Odd Couple". Felix, in court says "when you Assume you make an Ass out of U and Me".

I work for this one company part time where I call newspaper subscribers and thank them for their subscription. Normally the company, because I am in the East Coast, will have me working East Coast campaigns. What I hate is for the last two weeks they have me working campaigns in the West Coast. This is OK because I am able to start later than normal. What I hate though is when they have me work a West Coast campaign where I do not finish until almost midnight then the put me on the east Coast the next day and they expect me to start work at 9AM East Coast time when I just finished one on the West Coast the night before.

Now another aspect that upsets me is with most of the campaigns I am provided with a list of the newspapers, their phone numbers and their addresses. Last week Friday they had me on this West Coast campaign and the contact info for the newspaper was in an entirely different area. They assumed I would still find this company info before making any calls. Needless to say I had to call their support line before I finally figured this out.

As far as dialing times goes they assume that with trial and error I will figure out which times are best. They have like over a thousand people working like myself. How hard would it be for them to set up a forum where employees could interact and let each other know which times are best. I don't have all this free time where I can do all of this simply with trial and error. Do they set up a forum, no, they assume that everybody has the time to find out via trial and error.

Because of my handicaps I cannot just take any job that is offered to me. I am handicapped because of this medication that was FDA approved that my doctor put me on. After it was found out to be killing people they took me off of it but by that time the damage had already been done. Now I must live with this as a handicap. Someday my grandchildren will get a nice settlement from this company but because our government does not limit the number of times that a company can appeal a settlement I will never see anything.

I worked for one company that assumed if I was not working on a certain day that I was just goofing off somewhere. What they never bothered to find out was why was I absent. Yes, I was goofing off and the ambulance that was trying to bring me back to consciousness was part of my elaborate scheme. It worked didn't it?

A couple of months ago I gave some assistance to the lady at the coffee shop where I got her a domain and set her up a basic site. She told my son that the reason she never calls is because she lost my number. How many cell phones out there do not keep a log of the calls that were received? She has assumed that I will believe that she can't find my number. With todays technology there are so many things that we can now do but a lot of people just make these moronic assumptions.

How many men have showed up to get married because they just assume that the girl they asked had no choice but to accept? My Mom used to make breakfast for myself and my brothers every morning, lunch was at noon and dinner at 6PM. When I got married this all changed. No pre set times for meals and most of the time everybody just has to make themselves something when they get hungry. If I had assumed that she was like my Mom then I would have spent a lot of time at the table just sitting there. How many people actually hold their breath waiting for something they have assumed was going to happen?

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