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by DAVID LOVATTSMITH - Date: 2009-02-13 - Word Count: 477 Share This!

Montreal, February 13, 2009. A few days ago, the Israelis and the Palestinians were beating the bezeezers out of one another, slaughtering, squishing, destroying. No love lost there.

What a diff'rence a week makes.

The New York Times reports today that Israel opened the Gaza border for the first time in about a year to allow through 25,000 Palestinian-grown carnations. Why let flowers cross into Israel but not Qassam IV rockets?

Because the 25,000 carnations, grown at a Rafah Rugee Camp farm in the southern Gaza Strip, are destined for Europe.

Saint Valentine's day.

Decades of violence, carnage, and horror brought to a brief standstill in the name of love. Ain't that something, or what?

An Israeli official, wannabe stand-up comic, is reported to have said, "basically it is a Palestinian decision- whether they want to send flowers or rockets." Not to mention the Israeli decision- whether to send humanitarian aid or air-to-ground Rafael Python missiles.

Cynicism apart, is not this Saint Valentine's day gesture the answer to providing a better world for our children?

Yeah, yeah, you yawn, ‘make love not war, pull the other one, that's got bells on it.'

No. No. That old flower power saw was fatally flawed by its inference that love is uniquely a matter of sexual congress. Love, as any Hollywood producer, or Cole Porter, William Shakespeare, Billy Strayhorn, Pierre de Ronsard, or a million divorce lawyers will tell you, is a far, far more profound phenomenon.

Love predates hatred. It is something we learn in the first seconds of our lives alond with breathing and bawling and shitting. It the love of a mother's breast, later of a splendid sunset (or a dramatic thunderstorm), a glass of cabernet, a game of chess, a sandy beach tickling your toes, a favorite book, your grandchild's first word, the feel of antique furniture, the sound of wind among the autumn leaves, that damn piano in Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21.

Even a love for red carnations, grown in a farm on the war-torn Gaza strip.

(There is also the love of lobbing grenades into a crowd of women and children, but we have seen that a bunch of red carnations is capable of stilling that perversity)

Love. Saint Valentine's day is upon us. Not, therefore, a minute to waste.

What if Barack Obama were to declare on prime time, "I love you, man," to Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad? Or if Bono dedicated a love song to Kim Jong-il? Or if Tim Geithner appointed Robert Mugabe as head of the U.S. mint?

Or if Hillary Clinton sent a Valentine's day card to osama bin Laden?

David Lovattsmith is an author of short stories and novels, and will love all of you with a deep abiding passion when you flock in your thousands nay, millions, to buy his books that are yet to be published

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