Great Plains Reseller Illinois, California Newsflash: Purchase Order Processing

by Andrew Karasev - Date: 2008-11-20 - Word Count: 457 Share This!

Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics, is popular mid-size ERP platform with advanced sets of modules: GL, AR, AP, SOP, POP, Inventory, Payroll, Manufacturing and third party add-ons (where you could decide to program your own customization in Dynamics GP Dexterity).  Great Plains Purchasing automation includes Purchase Order Processing with PO Enhancements, plus Requisition Management in Dynamics GP Business Portal.  Plus it has links to GP Inventory control module and Purchase Order Generator could be associated with your MRP functionality in manufacturing modules.  This small publication should orient you in POP functionality and where to find information about Business Portal and PO Generator:


1.       POP logic at a glance.  You create Purchase Order first and then release it (immediately or through approvals).  Releasing in real life probably means faxing to your Vendors.  When vendor sends you merchandise, you can see two scenarios.  First, when you get merchandize with receipt document.  You receive the goods in your warehouse and match receipt toward your purchase order.  In this scenario, later on you get vendor invoice in mail - then you match vendor invoice against purchase order.  Main objective here is to compare PO price (likely coming from your historical relations with the vendor on the specific purchased item).  Second scenario is when you are getting merchandise with vendor invoice at the same time (Shipment-Invoice receipt type in Great Plains).  There is also return logic and In-transit inventory logic.  Purchase order could be attributed to the following types: Standard, Drop-Ship, Blanket, Drop-Ship-Blanket - outside of the scope here

2.       Requisition Management extension in Business Portal.  Business Portal is web based Sharepoint product and its users are typically cheaper, comparing to GP BRL users, this is understandable, as BP typically deploys hundreds of users in your company, who do not use GP.  Requisition Management module allows your office employees to submit requisition for let's say Office Computer.  This requisition got to be reviewed by multiple approvers (approval hierarchy) and then final approval sends this requisition to purchasing department.  On this step requisition (or requisition line) turns to Purchase Order (or PO line for the specific vendor) in Great Plains Purchase Order Processing module

3.       Inventory replenishment.  If you setup your Inventory items with the quantity limits for automatic replenishment, you can use these features to replenish, or sort of use simple MRP related logic in Purchase Order Generator module in GP

4.       History.  If you are deploying GP in your organization since 199th, you might be historically or even currently using Intellisol Advanced POP.  Intellisol was sold and its add-ons got migration path to GP POP module.  If you are still deploying Intellisol POP, you should be on GP 6.0.  There is migration utility to Great Plains 6.0 POP

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