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Prada is one of the most fashionable bags available for teens and also for adults. When people hear of the brand name Prada, people just simply know that it means excellence. This is factual because of its designs and premium quality being used for their products. Prada originally started at Italy in the year 1913 and was founded by Mario Prada. The company was named Fratelli Prada that time. The company sold bags, luggage, belts, shoes that was made of the highest quality leather which they continued as time went on, even up to this generation that we have. Their bags are made from premium quality leather, walrus skin, wood, turtle shell and crystals which really match the trend that we have. This was made to lessen the weight of luggage for traveling since the means of travelling became an important part of life.


The company just started with one store in Italy and gradually expanded as time allows them to. Today Prada stores are available worldwide. They are found in UK, Manhattan, Chicago, Italy, California, New York, New York City, and London. The company was inherited by Mario Prada's granddaughter, Miuccia Prada in 1978. She was only 28 years old then when she inherited the responsibility of continuing the legacy created by his grandfather. Now one of the online stores that sells Prada handbags is Eurohandbag.


One of the world's most popular Prada items is the new line of Prada bags. These bags are made from a world class style by the world class artists for the world class community. These bags are made with premium quality and simple designs that are so trendy and are highly fashionable. These bags do not go out of style for surely they are one of the finest leading bags available in the market.


Prada bags are available at Eurohandbag. Eurohandbag only distributes the world's finest and original Prada bags. Eurohandbags offer an online shopping which gives an easy access to shoppers and the items being shopped. All of the items you see online are available at Eurohandbag. They have a daily accounting of their sales and their stocks so if an item is out of stock the customer will eventually know right away. They do not keep a customer waiting for nothing.


The list of prices is readily available at Eurohandbag. When customers sign in the site, it immediately gives a list of prices.  All of the items sold online are original and not imitations. Eurohandbag realizes the fact that selling Prada bags can easily be imitated because of its simple designs and solid colors, yet these imitations does not really give much pleasure to anyone than original Prada bags do.


Eurohandbag has a wide selection of Prada bags - from clutches to evening bags to purses to satchels to sling bags to tote bags to wallets. All of them are available at different sizes and often comes in solid colors so that it will continue to stay on trend for a long time, though colorful bags are also available at Eurohandbag. All the products available come with the best and premium quality material. Bags of Prada available at Eurohandbag are made of nylon, leather, fur, lambskin, and chevron quilted materials. They are made so that it will give pleasure to anyone that buys it.


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Buy Prada bags at Eurohandbag and be the next eye captivating star in town. If you would want to be labeled as the teen fashion trend setter, venture into Eurohandbag with their available Prada bags.

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