What is Behavioral Targeting of Banner Advertisement?

by Deepak Kamboj - Date: 2008-04-14 - Word Count: 324 Share This!

The Internet users from all demographics have an inclination towards this medium, to obtain information about products and services they wish to avail. This inclination takes them to the information that is most relevant to them. Now, advertisers use banner advertisement for enticing these users towards their web presence. They do it for creating brand awareness and brand promotion at a viable cost. This is where behavioral targeting comes into place.

This is more of an advantage associated with Internet advertising that enables the advertisers to target the audience at their own discretion. The behavioral targeting of banner advertisement is the ability to identify the consumers and categorize them on the basis of interests and purchase intention. In this phenomenon, the banner advertisements are delivered to the users by analyzing their interests and inclination towards products and services. These behavioral patterns are noticed by the user activities and participation over the Internet.

According to these behaviors, the tracking is done, in order to be used in future. The advertisers must include it in their media plan. This is because the banner advertisement should be displayed for getting responses and not just for adding to the ad spends. The organizations must know their audience and do behavioral targeting. This involves a lot of factors that have to be taken into account like awareness, purchase, consideration, psychographics, buyer behavior etc. An in depth research and analysis is done each industry, for applying the behavioral targeting.

The banner advertisements can be mighty successful, when coordinated with the behavioral targeting. The targeted delivery of a banner advertisement results in relevant user response and lead generation. In this way, the advertisers attract positive feedback from the users and get a brand image for their products. This type of targeting is becoming the choice of advertisers. This is due to its ability to make the money rightly invested in the advertisement campaigns. It means, more returns on investment for each dollar spent.

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