Shrek Halloween Costumes For Halloween 2010

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There is a green ogre in all of us!

Shrek, the well-known and pleasant green ogre from Dreamworks' Shrek series, has been a 3D hero favorite since 2001, but prior to getting to be everyone's favorite green guy, Shrek was once an overwhelming character living on his lonesome in a swamp. He disliked friends and neighbors, visitors, and the other fairy tale characters who attempted to get across his property. For a short amount of time, nearly everybody thought that Shrek was no one to be neighbors with.

That all stopped though when Lord Farquaad urged the confinement of all peculiar creatures in his kingdom. Every single fairy tale character, from singing pigs to a blabbing wolf, had taken protection in a lonely hut in the swamp-coincidentally, this hut belonged to the person they dreaded the most, Shrek.

Shrek's journey started off when he and his pal, Donkey (a babbling Donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy), embark to protect a princess trapped within a elevated structure that is closely protected by a huge, scaly, female, fire-breathing dragon. Princess Fiona, the unknown person from the tower, had minimal hope for liberation.

Although protecting Fiona from the tower seemed impossible, Shrek strived through the difficulties to get her, but very little did he know he had also took away Fiona's heart!

Princess Fiona was presented as a lovely Princess living in a fortress but like most fairy tale characters, her beauty came across as too good to be true. Every night, away from the eyes of people, Princess Fiona herself transforms into an unattractive, green ogre during nightfall, but in spite of Fiona's bothersome switch, Shrek viewed past her green scaly skin and loved her for who she is.

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