Matthias Jeschke Set New High Altitude World Record Aboard the Jeep Wrangler

by Lisa Ziegler - Date: 2007-03-23 - Word Count: 492 Share This!

Matthias Jeschke, the German off road enthusiast who made the first High Altitude World Record in 2005 aboard a Toyota Land Cruiser has once again set up a new record-breaking high altitude. This time, Jeschke and his team successfully made the high altitude world record in March 13th using two standard Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 3.8 V6 model after a grueling week of expedition and navigation in Ojos del Salado located in the South American mountain range of Chile.

On the first day of expedition in Copiapó province in Chile, Matthias Jeschke's team was divided into several groups. These include Two camera teams that will capture the actions in the team's adventure; purchasing team that bought the last requirements; branding team who covered the cars with stickers of the team's sponsors; engineering team that made the special electronic installation; and the navigation team who set up several notebook PCs, GPS equipment, satellite-phones and other things needed for the expedition.

On the 3rd day, most of the team members got a headache, dizzy spell, and a sick feeling because of restless nights spent on the mountain. Matthias Jeschke checked the performance of all team members in order to get them into the suitable groups for the following days of adventure. In addition, the team also conducted a hard testing for the Jeep Wrangler vehicles. The team tested the Jeep Wrangler's capability in driving over boulders, rocks and sand, as well as the tipping limits of the off-road vehicle. Moreover, the engineering team checked the differential locks, shocks steering stabilizers, chassis parts, Jeep grille guard, and other technical features of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.

During the 11th day of expedition, Matthias Jeschke's team went up the Ojos del Salado, to a height of 6120 meters, and with huge effort of all team members, the Jeep Wrangler went up to a height of 6358 meters, which is the old record mark he made last 2005.

The biggest challenge was on March 12, the day before Matthias Jeschke made the new high altitude world record using the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. He said: "The team is exhausted. For days we have spent very much time in high altitude. It was windy all the time, and there was sand everywhere which flew into your ears and into any little gap. Climbing was only possible by a supreme effort to the point of exhaustion. Working in the burning sun (which tans the face although it is ice-cold was) also really challenging. Thus, you can see it was time for one day off."

Finally, on March 13th, Matthias Jeschke and his team successfully climbed to an impressive altitude of 6646 meters aboard the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. According to Jeschke, he is sure that no other person will ever reach or even break his unbelievable altitude because the already reached the top between both secondary summits, only 247 meters below the top of the Ojos del Salado and Chile-Atacama mountains.

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