Recovered Deleted Photos From Mac Book Using This Amazing Tool!

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I am a professional photographer and my work involves dealing with thousands of photographs. Since Mac OS X is a popular choice of photography enthusiasts, I decided to purchase a MacBook for myself. It offers a good range of software which can help to elevate photography results, streamline photo managing, and other important tasks. On getting a Mac, I decided to transfer my recently-clicked photographs from memory cards to this machine. After successful downloading, I wiped off the memory cards as well. While, I was doing my job, my kid interrupted me and asked me to spend few moments with him. Being a loving father, I could not avoid and hastily left the machine. When I came back, I saw my wife operating it. She was upset over something. I could read her facial expressions. When I approached her, she broke the news saying "Dear, I mistakenly deleted your photographs while exploring your machine." I made her composed and tried to found the pictures in Trash. They were nowhere to be found and I knew that I had to look for a robust Mac photo recovery tool.

The deleted photographs were very important for me as they were a part of my recent assignment. And, the worst thing was I did not even have the backup. I was in a deep trouble, but still maintained my cool. Both me and my wife started looking for an application which has the capability of recovering lost or deleted photos from a Mac machine. Surprisingly, there are a plethora of software available which vouch to recover photos from a Mac-based storage media. This was quite a relief!

We also searched similar experiences on Mac photo recovery forums and found recommendations for various applications available today. Here another problem came knocking our door: Which software to rely upon? We were puzzled and lost in the sea of number of photo recovery applications.

While flipping through Internet pages, we managed to come across a competent and reliable looking software. We decided to give it a shot and downloaded its demo version. The demo version of this chosen Mac photo recovery software brought to the fore amazing results. We could see the preview of all the lost photos which was a clear indication that the software possessed necessary features and capabilities to perform successful recovery.

The next moment, we downloaded its full version and within minutes we were able to recover all my lost photographs. Sounds unbelievable? I would like to recommend Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to both amateur and seasoned photographers. The software recovers lost or deleted photos, videos and audios from different storage media including hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, USB flash drives etc. You can download this impeccable Mac photo recovery software for both Windows and Mac operating systems as it is available in two versions.

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