Celebrations - Famous, Obscure and Funny

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The International Festivities

The truly international celebrations are observed on the same day throughout the world. These include Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day. There are also some related festivities that, although observed in many places in the world, do not necessarily fall on the same day for each country. Among these are Mother's and Father's Day, Labor Day, National Heroes and Independence Day. For instance, the date of Independence in the US falls on the fourth of July whereas in other countries, it may be on a different date.

Celebrations to honor significant persons and events

And then again, each country has a set of holidays commemorating some significant and famous person and event in their history. Thus you have holidays to honor national heroes, saints, victories in battle and milestone events in the history of the country. Some countries conduct appropriate celebrations for national language day and national education day to commemorate the birth of the national language and education institutions in the country.

Some of them, particularly those connected with saints have acquired a more or less global character on account of people migrating from the celebration's country of origin to different parts of the world.

For instance, people in Japan and America celebrate St. Patrick's Day which was originally an Irish-Scottish festivity. And we mustn't forget about St Valentine.

This festival started in 496 AD when the Roman Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as the festival day of the Roman martyr. St. Valentine reportedly signed a letter he sent to his jailers' daughter with the words 'Your Valentine.' And ever since then, that phrase has appeared in many a love note sent on that day.

There is also the less known Feast of the Holy Innocents which is also celebrated internationally in countries which were colonies of Spain. This festival commemorates the massacre of the male babies in Bethlehem. This act was ordered by King Herod in the hope that the Christ child would be one of the babies massacred.

Modern festivities and their various themes

Perhaps because people like celebrating so much, in modern times, there are hundreds of festival days dedicated to different aspects of daily life. We have special days set aside for promoting environmental awareness, days dedicated to reminding people of the dangers of smoking, or alcohol, drug awareness days. Other celebrations honor members of the community; such as teacher's and parent's day (in which both mother and father are remembered).

There are also other celebrations or special days set aside for remembering animals. We hear of such things as Penguin Appreciation and Squirrel Awareness Day, Wildlife Preservation Day, National Disabled Pets Day, National Dogs and National Cats Day.

Celebrate to motivate

Some celebrations sound very much like a good way to persuade that some things are real; for instance Dragon Appreciation Day of or remind them to do something. Other days are dedicated to convince people to stop or start doing something. You will hear about Speed Limit Day, days dedicated to the belly laugh.

Further up the funny path, we have days for commemorating inane answering messages, celebrating being single, days for forgiving mom and dad or reminding yourself and your friends to be happy. Some people even celebrate National Common Courtesy and National Bubble Bath Day. When you come to think of it, that is a fun way of motivating people.

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