Effective Banner Marketing Strategies

by Deepak Kamboj - Date: 2008-05-01 - Word Count: 381 Share This!

Once your webiste is created, it is important to market and promote it so that people know about it and you get the desired results in return. Banner marketing is one such tool which, is being used by websites across the World Web to market products. Promotion through banner marketing can be done for anything ranging right from website services, to books or even e-cards.

What is important to understand is the fact that banner marketing is an art in itself, which need to be first understood thoroughly before it can be used to promote websites. There have been quite a number of instances when companies have misunderstood the art of banner marketing and have lost on heavy business through them. So lets just first understand the art of banner advertising so that it proves beneficial for your Online business.

The most important thing is to make sure that your banners are getting placed in websites that are somehow related to your site product. Unrelated or out of the blue banners, do not only irritate the viewers but are also extremely unproductive. Hence, try and stick to your company's niche when planning to place your banner ads. This also helps in the conversion ratio, as the traffic you are aiming it is already looking at things that are related to your website, and might just click to browse your website, provided your banner is appealing enough.

This brings us to the banner itself. Your banner must be creative, eye-catching and attractive enough for the surfers to click on them. Do not use too flashy banners, instead stick to subtle but attractive banner designs. The content of the banners play a very important role in banner marketing. The text that you use in your banner ads must be creative, witty but simple to understand. Do not use big jargons in your banner ads, as common onlookers might just not understand what you mean. It has been seen that websites that use witty and smart content teamed with good images do well in the banner marketing business.

Once you have placed your banners in different websites, it is important that you also keep a track of their performance. Check which of the banners are performing well and learn from the ones that are not doing so well.

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